Kittens – the third week – the search for a prefix

5 August, 2006

And of course, not only do we have to come up with names for the kittens, but I’ve got to get a cattery prefix too.Ananda1

What is a cattery prefix? It’s what breeders have that distinguishes their breeding lines from other breeders’ lines. My girl comes from the Mullycoonz cattery. Her pedigree name is Mullycoonz Eowyn.

What’s the big deal about a cattery prefix?

Well, of course you can breed without a prefix, but it’s like a family surname for your cats. It helps in working out pedigrees. Most breeders want a prefix that they can build a reputation on. You register your cats with a cat organisation under your prefix, so that owners have the reassurance of a certified pedigree,

In Britain, most catteries are registered with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF). The process of registering a prefix with the GCCF is a long one: you have to fill in the prefix form, with up to 12 prefixes, get it signed by a cat club and then send it in with a £60 fee. The GCCF will scrutinise your choices, compare it with the approx. 25,000 prefixes they have on record, and if they sound the same, or even look the same, then they will contact you to choose a new one(s). If, however, your prefix is unique, the next step is that it has to be approved by the Executive Committee at their next meeting. When I spoke to the GCCF after the kittens were born, I was told their next meeting was in late August and so a prefix submitted then would not be approved until September.

It’s not a fast turnaround time as you can see. Because the GCCF was established some time back, the database of prefixes is very large (25,000 plus) and is not available for checking electronically on a web-site – everything has to be checked by the GCCF at their end. Another problem for me is that even if I get a prefix approved in September, because the kittens were born before the approval, I would not be entitled to use that prefix. Instead I would have to use what is known as a GCCF administrative prefix which is used for breeders who don’t already have a prefix.

So … even if I get a prefix with the GCCF, I can’t use it for the current litter. Which sort of makes it a waste of £60.AnandaTica1

So I’m going to register a prefix with TICA instead. TICA stands for The International Cat Association and is the second largest cat-registry in the United States. It’s still a fairly young organisation within the United Kingdom, but it is highly reputable with a strong presence in Europe. TICA shows are highly-regarded, and the breed standards respected internationally.

TeddyTica1 The TICA cattery prefix database is on a web-site, so there’s no need for multiple phone calls to find out if one’s already been chosen.

The main advantage about registering with TICA is that it’s faster. Or so I’ve been told.

I hope so. Because I’d like to register “Catswhiskers” as a prefix.

Or it could also be Katzwizkas. Or: Maximus, Allfurone, Coeurlion. In which case, this blog’s title will change.



  1. cats whiskers sounds good to me

  2. Thank you for your support – I’m glad you like the prefix. I was tearing my hair out trying to find something that was half-way punny. Fingers and paws crossed that I get the prefix I want!

  3. i love that!

  4. Thank you, Sheila! Are you a cat breeder too? Best wishes, Rona

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