Kittens – the third week – the search for names

5 August, 2006


The kittens are 26 days old now, nearly four weeks. Time flies.

We’re still trying to work out names for them. Problem is that the kittens all seem to have the same personalities. Apart from Squeaky, the hungry kitten who’s the littlest. The littlest but also the loudest. And who’s got the largest ears.

Last year, Hubby had a brainwave and we named the kittens using a “Bear” theme. There was Teddy (Bear), Panda (short for Pandora), Pola (i.e. Polar), Honey, Bruno (which is sort-of a bear-sounding name) and Yogi.

This year, we’re still not sure. There are seven of them, so of course there are all those resonances with other sevens in popular culture – Seven Dwarves, Seven Samurai, Seven planets. But can you imagine having a kitten called Dopey or Sleepy or even Saturn?

We’re hoping their personalities will start developing. One of the cream kittens loves being tumbled over and having its belly gently rubbed. But do that to the other cream kitten and it squeals like we’re going to turn it into a handbag – I have to confess its fur is exquisite – like very soft plush, or an expensive sable paintbrush. Maybe we can name them after luxury brands.

Anyone fancy a Gucci or Chanel?


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