Sorry for the slow start

5 August, 2006

After the initial excitement of setting up the blog, I was overwhelmed by the task I had set myself. I hadn’t had many responses to the first blog. I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested in reading about my obsessions. I wasn’t sure if what I said about breeding cats had any value. I was worreid that if I said too much I’d put potential kitten owners off. etc. etc.

Also, I’m not blog-savvy, and it’s been a bit of a steep learning curve. I’ve also been working from a computer, a Mac, which should have been upgraded long ago … it’s an iMac running OS9.2 and IE5.1, it’s chockful of applications, slow, I can’t upload pix from the Mac, the IE5.1 seems to squash the page up so I can’t see some of the sections (e.g. I can’t create a new category!), and for some strange reason when it comes to creating or editing a post, I can only do it in the section where you have to use html. Just doing the first post that way sapped me because it was so fiddly. I didn’t realise there was a section where you could do it in a wysiwyg format.

Also, I have been busy with the kittens. But today is Saturday. I did the litter trays last night, and Hubby is out today so I have no more excuses (apart from having to nip out to the shops later on).

So, on with the blog.


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