Kittens – fourth week – moving downstairs

6 August, 2006


The kittens were in a box in my bedroom, but now that some were eating solids, there might be a need for litter box training. They were also starting to climb the sides of the cage I’d built around the box and I didn’t want them to fall.

So I moved them downstairs to the living room, to a larger box, a proper kitten pen, with clear plastic sides they couldn’t climb.

I’m still not sure if that’s the right thing to do – I miss not having them in the bedroom, they would always squeak when they saw me, and I wouldn’t want them to miss out on human contact. It’s also more noisy in the living room as Hubby likes to fall asleep watching TV. I hope the kittens don’t mind Big Brother. It’s a step down from the quiet, refined surroundings of the bedroom where I had a little stereo playing soothing music.

Maya5Also, being downstairs meant encountering the Bengal who hissed and growled at the kittens, several times. Fortunately there wasn’t a fight between the Bengal and Mum Cat.

It’s cooler downstairs though – heat in this house rises mysteriously to the bedroom – and the weather is warming up. So maybe I’ve done the right thing in moving them down this early. We’ll see.


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