Sorry for the lack of photos and bad blog planning

9 August, 2006

Sorry for the lack of photos.

I’m still trying to work out how to upload photos of a decent size. I had a go at uploading one from my Flickr album, but I realised that it was an earlier photo (of the kittens when they were 2 hours’ old) and I couldn’t work out how to move a blog so that it appeared earlier in the series. Maybe you can’t. It did seem weird to have a photo relating to 10 July when the blog was dated 9 August.

The only photo I’ve uploaded so far (in the Welcome blog) is really teeny and is of my Maine Coon girl, Ananda, and Pola, a kitten from her previous litter.

I invoked the patron saint of desperate bloggers and he/she sent me a friend of mine who is a professional web-designer and cat artist.

So if you see photos or improved blog content, it’s thanks to Denise Laurent. If you want to see some fantastic cat art, please check out her web-site: www.thepaintedcat.co.uk

(10 August – hey I think I worked it out:  here’s one to make up.  One … two … three … awwwwww… .)



One comment

  1. I cant even say how cute that pitchure of the mother and kitten is. I would love to have somthing like that on my wall, CUTE! And the last pitchure of the gray stripped cat, is adorable too, thanks for posting them!

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