Cats – why you should never buy more than one can of cat food!

10 August, 2006

Up until 2 weeks’ ago, the adult cats were eating 9 chicks every evening. These chicks, by the way, are frozen day-old chicks which are thawed before being fed to the cats.

The egg-sac was still intact in these day-old chicks, and the cats relished the moment when they bit through the sac and the yolk spilt over their jaws onto the floor, forming a little yellow sticky puddle which they could lick at leisure. Ah, the pleasures of being a cat!

About 2 weeks’ ago I started running out of chicks. The supplier I was using wasn’t doing deliveries because of the heat wave. Fortunately I found a new supplier which specialised in poultry for reptiles. They supplied zoos and pet shops. They even had a refrigerated delivery van.

Then my mother-in-law kindly gave me her old chest freezer which was perfect for storing raw cat food.

So I ordered 600 chicks.

Buying in bulk meant that even after factoring in steep delivery charges, I was paying a mere 5p per chick. When I’d bought chicks from the reptile section of the pet superstore, they cost me 20p each. The savings implications are obvious. These chicks were top-of-the-range chicks, or so I thought.

But we all know that the nature of cats is to keep us guessing, to act contrary to what we expect of them, and through uncertainty, to keep us in a state of gibbering slavery and readiness to please.

So they’ve decided that with 600 chicks on tap, they’re no longer into chicks.

They’ve averaged about 1.5 chicks per night instead of the 3 chicks. One night Maya the Bengal threw up her chick all over the floor.

That’s cats for you. Hands up who hasn’t done this:  You go out to a supermarket and see a new brand of cat food and buy maybe one can, you feed it to them and they chew the edges of the plate to get all the crumbs. Ha-hah! You rub your hands in glee, you’ve finally found something that pleases all three cats! So you buy a whole caseful, and guess what? They act like you’re force-feeding them cat litter and refuse to eat it.

I have a cupboard full of cat food, so expensive it must have been made from rare-breed virgin lamb serenaded by Carmelite nuns, and taste-tested and approved by 9.9 out of 10 cats, but given the paws-down by my cats. And now … a freezer full of chicks. Ah well … only 545 chicks to go.



  1. Oh dear, you really make me laugh! 600 chicks! You should have known better.

    Do you think the new supplier gave you sub standard meat?

  2. Yep – 600 chicks.

    And I’m glad someone finds it amusing.

    It could have been sub-standard meat. The chicks don’t seem to be as plump as those from the other supplier. I think I’ll have to drop them a note. Sigh – how do you explain to a reptile/raptor food supplier that their chicks failed the taste test with cats?

    Do you want some frozen chicks? How many? 50? 100? Pretty please?

  3. The cats definitely know when there is something off with food especially frozen. I try and give raw food twice a week and vary what I give them. Mince lamb or mutton goes down a treat, I just buy a little more when shoppig and give it to the cats. Raw fish drives them crazy and I save this for birthdays and if they have been to the vets.

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