Kittens – Squeaky aka Houdini

10 August, 2006


I was worried that Squeaky, the smallest of the litter would be left behind. Intead, Squeaky is turning out to be the most adventurous of the kittens. She’s the only one who’s managed to scale the kitten pen door. Hubby heard a thump one evening and there she was, sitting outside the pen, looking bewildered, but very pleased with herself. It could be that she was looking for her nightly feed of kitten milk.


She was the first one to wander into the kitchen as well, and today, when Maya the Bengal sniffed her bum and growled at her, she stood her ground and hissed back.

I was going to call her Houdini for her pen-escaping escapade, but maybe I should call her Lionheart.


One comment

  1. You can compress the photos from corel draw…..it was interesting to this article despite the lack of photos. Cats are pretty awesome. XD

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