Kittens – Litter training 1 – mystery of the missing poo

14 August, 2006

(there are no photos to this post for obvious reasons) 

There I was, patting myself on the back when my kittens produced perfectly-formed poo thanks to a diet of raw meat.

However, after that initial offering, I realised that kitten poo had been a little thin on the ground, so to speak.

After two days of not seeing any more offerings, I began to get anxious.

(One of the reasons we’d brought them downstairs into the living room was because we have wooden floors there, which are infinitely easier to clean than the carpet in the bedroom. (if I ever have the money I would have all the carpets ripped up and replaced with wooden floors).)

Every day I swab down the floors with diluted bleach, and for the past two days I’d been hunting high-and-low, behind the sofa, under the bookshelves for kitten poo.

Still nothing.

Then last night I was observing Teddy giving the cream kitten the equivalent of a colonic and it dawned on me where (or who) the poo was vanishing to. As if to reassure me, he left a little piece of evidence on the floor … charming.

So now I have the difficult task of persuading the kittens to use the litter tray to poo in, because I suspect they find it easier to lie back and let Teddy do the dirty.


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