Kittens – Litter training 2 – Mum Cat shows the way

18 August, 2006


(Photo of kitten pen, showing the two corner kitten trays – they’re the triangular-shaped ones in red – definitely not adult-size trays!)

It’s always been a mystery to me how kittens learn how to use the litter tray.

People say that cats are such naturally clean creatures, they instinctively know how to use the litter trays. Tell that to Yogi, a boy kitten I had last year. Even though I had 8 litter trays dotted around the ground floor, he persisted in peeing and pooing anywhere but.

This year, I hadn’t seen Mum Cat teaching the kittens how to use the trays. And because Teddy had been so zealous about doing the kittens’ bums, I was starting to get anxious.

Maybe Mum Cat heard me muttering about her poor mothering skills and was insulted. Because she decided to demonstrate her best technique to the kittens, and waited until I was asround.

There’s a little corner litter-tray in the kitten pen, large enough for a kitten to fit in. And if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, big enough for the bum-end of a mother cat.

It must have been a bit of a squash, and I held my breath in case she missed and it went over the edge. But no, she was very careful, and after that she scraped assiduously round the tray. I think she prolonged the scraping because there was a little tortie kitten watching intently as she did this.

Which is all very well, but the litter tray wasn’t geared up for adult-cat quantities of pee. As the eye-watering aroma of adult cat pee permeated the pen and wafted through the living room, even Hubby who was brought up on a farm and therefore normally insensitive to cat smells blanched.

Which is a small price to pay, I suppose if it teaches kittens how to use the litter tray.

Now I’m just praying that if she decides to teach them how to poo, she’ll use the large one with the odour-absorbent litter.


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