Diet: Good news – Mum Cat goes raw

20 August, 2006

For the past two years I’ve been trying to get my Maine Coon girl to eat a raw diet.

In case you’re curious, the raw diet I feed my cats is home-prepared. Usually I chunk free-range chicken meat, then grind up the rest of the chicken (bones-and-all) and add egg yolks and supplements to the ground-up mix. If you want more information on the recipe, check out http://www.blakkatz.com or http://www.feline-future.com. I believe it’s a diet that’s closer to what cats eat in the wild. The benefits are increased levels of energy, better health and condition and less smelly poo.

Because my Bengal was brought up eating some raw food, it was easy to transition her to a raw diet. My Maine Coon girl, however, preferred commercial cat food because (I suspect) it has stronger flavours and smells. Because she refused to eat anything but commercial, I experimented with different types of cat food. Whenever I tried to (cunningly I thought) hide bits of chicken mix in her commercial food, she would eat round it and give me a look of scorn that I had dared to dupe her.

After two years, I resigned myself to letting her have what she wanted – whatever it took to keep her happy. Her condition was good, and hey – she had had a litter of seven healthy kittens, didn’t she?

Last weekend she surprised me totally by eating the chicken mix. I think what happened was that I had been feeding the kittens chicken mix and she probably started clearing their plate up when they couldn’t finish their food, and developed a taste for it.

The first sign I had that she was eating raw was that her appetite increased. This was a good sign because most mother cats lose weight when they feed their kittens, and my Mum Cat had been picky with her food too.

She woke me up last Saturday night crying for food. I went into the kitchen and put some food down for the kittens, and she ate that. So I put more down and she ate that too. It was as if her body was craving something that she was finally getting with the raw food. I couldn’t believe my eyes and just kept feeding her.

She only woke me up four times that Saturday night at two-hour intervals, but I didn’t mind. I noticed this week that her tail fur is thicker and fuller and that she doesn’t seem to be as tired as she used to be when feeding the kittens.


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  1. Do you realise that the photo for this post is missing?

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