Kitten: Panic – Squeaky has swallowed the teat off the bottle

25 August, 2006

I could kill myself.  Squeaky has swallowed the teat off the bottle.I’d stopped hand-feeding her because she wasn’t having to fight for the teat, but she kept running up to me and squeaking for milk. So two nights ago I decided to feed her.  The bottle I use is a Catac bottle – it’s glass, shaped like a banana, open at both ends.  Anyway, the teat had been soaking in Milton’s disinfecting solution and was a little soft.  It was also a little chewed.

Squeaky was so ravenous she sucked the teat and chewed it as she sucked.  Next thing I knew, she had bitten off the end, and before I could stop her, she had swallowed it.

The vet says it should pass out, but if she started vomiting, to bring her in for surgery.

The problem is, Squeaky isn’t weaning onto solids yet … she’s still suckling from mum.  So nothing solid is passing out.  I’ve been encouraging her to drink loads, but I don’t know if that will work.

I’ve done a fingertip search of the litter trays and squished poo like a forensic scientist, but nothing so far.

Please say a prayer for little Squeaky and pray that she won’t have to have the teat removed surgically.

Lesson:  don’t hand-feed kittens if they don’t need it.  And don’t use teats that have been chewed.Addendum: 7 September 2006.

Good news. Squeaky is still doing well. It’s as though nothing has happened. I’m not sure what’s happened to the teat, but I spoke to the vet early this week and he feels that the teat has passed through her – nothing can stay that long in the gut of a cat.

I hope so. Thank you for all your prayers and good wishes (and Squeaky sends you her little mews and purrs too!


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