Look and feel of blog, plus comments

26 August, 2006

I’ve decided to change the way my blog looks because I found the typeface and font size of the previous theme (I think it as Simpla) was difficult to read, especially when it’s text heavy (which is the way I tend to write).

So I hope you find this easier on your eyes.

I find that with the themes available, it’s always a compromise – I find something with the clean looks I like, but the fonts are too pale and wimpy (and there’s no facility to increase the font size except by adding “STRONG” to the html).

I’ve also taken off the need to register for wordpress membership if you want to leave a comment – I didn’t realise that this was the default option. A friend of mine who blogs with blogspot told me it deters comments when you have to register with the blog site. I agree.

Another thing my friend raised was that she had problems searching for my blog because there is no search facility for blogs on the wordpress.com homepage. Just a joining button. Hmm … why is this when blogspot and livejournal have search facilities?



  1. Leaving a comment just because I now can! Let us know how Squeaky is doing.

  2. You have to register with blogspot too by the way. This text is so tiny I can barely see it and it’s much harder to read than the last one.

  3. Hi snugpug – Squeaky is still fine. So either the teat is still lurking inside her or it’s passed out, but I didn’t find it. I hope it’s the latter. I have started to wean her onto semi-solids – I mix KMR kitten milk with a bit of chicken mince and she’ll lap it.

    Dear Denise,

    Many thanks for the feedback. I have changed to the previous Simpla scheme, but strangely enough on the Mac I work on, the Sapphire scheme’s font is more readable. Give up! Can someone please please send me a scheme with a LARGE sans serif font in a dark type, none of those namby-pamby light blues or greys, and a clean layout with the option to customise a header.

  4. This one is more readable on the PC that’s for sure. Have you tried any of the other themes? How abou a sans serif as those fonts are easier to read in small sizes on a monitor than a serif.

  5. Hello, many thanks for your feedback … the Sapphire scheme was a sans serif! I will keep trying … .

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