You know you’re a Cat Breeder (1) when …

29 August, 2006

CatPalace1 You know you’re a Cat Breeder when you place getting a new cat scratching post above getting a new pair of glasses.

This weekend – quel disastre! I broke my spectacle frames at a point that could not be mended (across the bridge) and couldn’t find any of my back-up pairs. I was blind as a mole – the kittens were plump streaks on the floor, I couldn’t even read the blog.

This morning, I found a new set of frames at the optician’s, to the tune of £90, and was discussing the possibility of getting a new set of glasses + lenses because my prescription had changed and I needed varifocals.

So, how much?

£360 the reply was. Just for the lenses (a little apologetically)

But … but … (apart from the unaffordable expense of £360) that was the same amount as what I would pay for a superior cat scratching post from www.catpalace.nl.

The cat post I was lusting after was the RB.4X – 4 tiers crafted from real tree trunks, and finished with artificial ficus leaves. It was as close to natural for indoor cats as could be. I could already see my cats lolling around like little emperors and peeking from between the leaves.

So … glasses or cat scratching post?Glasses1

Please check out www.catpalace.nl, and send me your votes asap – it could mean the difference between the ability to see the no. 125 bus, or happy cats.

Which would you choose?



  1. Without a doubt, the scratching post. And this comes from a dog person! 🙂

    If your current lenses are still good, I’d just get a frame that can hold them first and get the varifocals done in Singapore — assuming you can wait till the next time you’re back. Much cheaper.

  2. Thanks for the vote!

    So … if I get run over by the no 125 bus, at least my cats will be happy! (big smile!)

    The new frames are actually holding the lenses in the correct position and it’s strange but things are clearer than they’ve been in a long time, so maybe it was for the best.

    Yes, if I can hold out until my next visit to Singapore … but goodness knows when that will be.

    What’s the equivalent of a cat scratching post for a doggy person?

  3. […] New Cat Scratching Post from Cat-Palace September 22nd, 2007 About this time last year, I wrote about a company in the Netherlands, Cat-Palace, that makes the ultimate in cat scratching […]

  4. Scratch Post 100%

    I had to choose between a new settee or a scratch post for my feline children. Guess which one won! Scratch post.

    It’s a motherly instinct to put your children/cats first before your needs. When you see how happy they are (while sitting on the floor) running, jumping all squashed on one area together, you know you have made the right choice.

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