You know you’re a Cat Breeder (3) when …

31 August, 2006


You know you’re a cat breeder when you buy a chicken costing £6.93 for the cats and then agonise over splurging out £4.95 for a Marks & Spencer’s shepherds pie for yours and hubby’s dinner.

Doubtless, said chicken was a happy free-range chicken. But still. Feeding raw costs a fortune especially when you’re feeding 3 adult cats and 7 ravenous kittens. They are going through about 5 chickens a week. I leave you to work out my food bill (sans hubby’s feed).

I don’t know … maybe I’ll have to switch to commercial because I could be spending time with the kittens rather than sweating over a meat grinder. I can understand why cat breeders feed commercial – it’s just so much more economical and convenient: just open the box/tin/packet … and pour.

And surely commercial can’t be that bad … I do wonder sometimes when I see Grand Champions in the show ring, with luxuriant coats and huge boning, the result of years of Royal Canin Maine Coon.

But I’ve seen the results of raw feeding in my queen, Ananda – she fully-converted to raw about 3 weeks ago and her coat is amazing – her tail is bushier and her energy levels have gone up. This is a queen who’s still nursing. A breeder I know in the US says her queens never lose condition during or after pregnancy because she feeds raw.

I don’t know. It’s 9pm now on a Thursday evening and I’ve got 1.5 hours of chunking and grinding a chicken because if I don’t they won’t have any food tomorrow. Ah … the joys of raw feeding!

Thank goodness hubby likes M&S Shepherds Pie (and Cumberland Pie and anything with mash, actually).


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