Something to start the weekend off!

1 September, 2006

Wanted to share this one of three of the kittens enjoying the cat scratching post:




  1. Sooooo cute!

  2. I have a question for you experienced coon breeders. I am wanting to start a cattery with maine coons. Should I start with 1 queen or two? and I dont want to have a Male here because of the spraying, so when it comes time to breed will I be able to get a stud for service? I will be keeping my cats inside and of course as all the books say isolate the queen for 10days before sending her out, but in any event, will I have problems with people allowing me to breed with their Studs? I will be registering with all the appropriate groups and will also be working and showing, but I am concerned about other breeders willingness to have a cat come in to their cattery.

    Any suggestions or advise?

  3. Dear Coon Lover, this is the reply I sent direct to your e-mail address on 15 September, but just in case you didn’t receive it here’s what I said:

    “Dear Coon Lover,

    I am a novice breeder myself.

    Are you in the UK or the US?

    If you are in the UK, my experience has been that if you buy a queen, you can always use the stud from your queen’s breeder if it isn’t related to the queen.

    As for isolating 10 days before going to stud – I’ve never heard that one before.

    In the UK, all breeding cats are either indoor-only, or kept in cat runs/cat proof gardens with no contact with cats that wander outdoors (i.e. street cats etc). This prevents cats from catching diseases from cats that roam the streets.

    The day before the mating, the queen has to have a “snap” test which is when a blood sample is taken and tested for FeLV – if this shows negative only then will the queen be accepted for breeding. Of course, the queen has to be up-to-date with her vaccinations etc. and have no fleas.

    I do not know what the situation is, in the country you are living in.

    What you need to do is find breeders who’s studs are at “open stud”, or “limited stud”.

    If your queen is from a good cattery, and if you’ve shown, and if you’ve cultivated friendships during the shows, most breeders are quite willing to let you use their stud boy.

    As for 1 queen or two – that’s entirely up to you. It depends on how much you want to spend, how much you can afford, and how many litters of kittens you can cope with.

    Male tom cats do spray, but not all of them – I have seen Male tom Maine Coons live indoors, treated as pets, and they do not spray. It all depends on your luck.

    Most breeders will not sell their boys for studs to a new breeder. They prefer to wait until the breeder has had experience of litters, breeding, has good queens, and a good reputation before selling them their stud boys – after all, it is their lines and reputation at stake.

    Hope this helps. I suggest you join some cat breeding forums – in the UK, try the Maine Coon Breed Society which has a yahoo groups forum also.”

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