Kittens – Litter Training 6 – If at first you don’t succeed …

8 September, 2006

OK … so here I was writing like I was some sort of expert in litter training and patting myself on the back for having put in place all the suggested techniques and equipment.

And I probably gave you all the impression that my kittens took to their litter trays instantly, and that my house was perfectly clean, without any accidental puddles or unexplainable smells or squishy things on the bottoms of shoes.

Hollow laugh.

Despite having 5 litter trays in the living room and 3 in the hallway, I kept finding damp patches on the carpet. I looked behind the bookshelves in the hallway and found little rolls of a dark substance that looked like … you’ve guessed it, kitten poo. I caught one of the boys peeing on the carpet, even though the litter tray was next to it. There was a suspicious wet patch on the duvet (I keep the local dry cleaner in business). Before my very eyes, one of the boys squatted on the kitchen floor and innocently lifted his tail. The list goes on.

So where did I go wrong?

Well, I assumed that just because they were using their litter trays in the living room, that they were litter trained. Not. As soon as I let them out of the living room they ran around the house, and just did it where it pleased them.

So I had to start from the beginning again:

— the kittens are now only allowed the run of the house when I’m around to supervise.
— during the day they spend 90% of their time in the living room.
— I scrubbed and scrubbed the carpet with biological detergent.
— kittens are not allowed in the bedroom.
— I checked in the hidden corners of the living room to see if any messes have been made. Sometimes I leave a tray where a mess has been made so that the kitten will do it in the tray instead.

So, moral of the story: don’t give kittens the run of the house until they are fully litter-trained.

And oh yes … accidents do happen. Kittens have small bladders and when they get excited, and need to pee/poo, they will do it where they can. If you don’t succeed at first, just keep at it.


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