Playing tag

17 September, 2006

My blog fairy godmother has had a gentle word with me … my use of categories was running amok. I was placing posts in categories which they had no bearing on. It made precise searching for posts difficult.

I fessed up – it was true. I was using categories as meta tags, the bits which search engines use to find web-sites. I thought that the more categories/tags I attached to my posts, the better the chance of someone stumbling onto a post. So if someone was looking for litter training tips they come across one on kittens for sale, say. Yes, it was a cheap ploy. And unfair on those of you who select the litter training category and are met with a flurry of unrelated posts. Probably the equivalent of pop-up advertising.

Anyway, I’ve since been through all my posts and re-categorised them, in each case trying to allot a single category to them. And creating sub-categories. Hopefully it’s a leaner, meaner tag machine, and easier for you to find specific posts.

If you think there are posts which shouldn’t belong in certain categories, or can see a clearer structure, please let me know. I do appreciate your comments and do reply to all of them.

And … I also just wanted to say a thank-you for putting up with my woolly tagging. And thanks for carrying on reading!


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