Raw Feeding guru: Michelle Bernard of blakkatz.com

5 October, 2006

I have been warbling on in the past few months about the benefits of raw-feeding for cats, and probably gave you the impression that I know it all.

Not at all.

Most of my knowledge has come mainly from the leading authority on raw-feeding for cats: Michelle Bernard of the Blakkatz cattery in the USA.

Whenever anyone writes to me asking for advice, I point them to her web-site: http://www.blakkatz.com.

She’s made it easy for people who are interested in raw-feeding – she’s done all the research into cat nutrition, she’s worked on raw-feeding recipes and more importantly she walks the talk where holistic rearing is concerned: Her cats are 100% raw-fed and she uses homeopathy to correct health imbalances.

And if you’ve been looking for a book on raw-feeding for cats, she’s written the only one that is backed up by scientific research and years of experience. It’s called: “Raising Cats Naturally: How to care for your cat the way nature intended”.

There are other books on raw feeding, but not one specifically for cats – that’s an important distinction because some raw-feeding books may have recipes for dogs which have different nutritional requirements to cats. Her book also has a clear explanation on how to use homeopathy for cats.

She’s been the source of encouragement and inspiration for people like me looking for a safer and healthier way to raise their pets.

And oh … she writes a great blog too … you’ll love reading about her cats, the litter of kittens she’s recently rescued, and her wonder dog, Angelus, a Border Collie!


One comment

  1. Dear Molly,

    thank you for that lovely article and congratulations on your success with breeding your cats.
    I am a novice to the raw feeding, and have only just put my two dogs on the diet, with much trepidation and wringing of hands! So far, so good (it’s only been 3 days). However, my 3 cats, all over 8 years old, have turned their noses up at anything raw, and have always done so. Even fish, unless it’s expensive sardines in tomato sauce…
    How do I convert them to the good way of eating? Please help!

    Many thanks

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