12 October, 2006

I forgot to mention … in my excitement at finally getting my web-site up-and-running, please check out www.catswhiskers.uk.com

I wish I could take credit for the site, but the design and execution was done by Denise Laurent, feline artist extraordinare, who happens to wear yet another hat as a professional web-designer with her company www.imagine.co.uk.  What can’t she do, eh?

 But there’s more to a good web-designer than just making a site look good.  A good web-designer will help get your site stand out from the crowd, and if it’s a business site, to help you get sales.

The actual conception began months ago, even before the kittens were a twinkle in mum cat’s eye, when I moaned to Denise about needing a web-site because all cat breeders had one.

Instead of pointing me down the road of a conventional web-site, she had me think about other ways of reaching out to people who love cats, love to read about cats, and who might be interested in Maine Coons, and by extension, Maine Coon kittens.

She suggested that I write a blog. She showed me examples of blogs. And she helped me to fight against the inertia and terror of putting words to an electronic page.

Then just as I got the hang of blogging, she suggested that a picture can paint a hundred words, so why not an album of photos on flickr? I swear I’d never heard of flickr at that point, and when I saw it, I thought it was too complicated and too much hassle.

Well, this is several months down the road, and I can’t believe I managed for so long without a flickr album and a blog.

And yes, I eventually got my web-site too because web-sites are what people like to look at when they want to find out about something. The blog and the flickr album are the gilding on the web-site. They make it easy to update content quickly. Plus they reach out to an audience of people who may not normally have stumbled on my web-site which would have been one in millions of other web-sites.

The best thing about this web-site is that I can make changes to it myself as it’s a web-based programme.  No need for file transfer protoccol software to upload files.  I think that’s pretty cool because it means that I don’t have to keep liaising with a web-designer to get things updated – I do it as and when I want to, on the web.

 Do have a look at it and let me know what you think!


One comment

  1. Nice site! Will you still be maintaining the furrybabies.com site then?

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