It’s that time of year again (fireworks rant)

23 October, 2006

EarPlugs1 It’s that time of year again.

Halloween on 31st October and Guy Fawkes Night (aka Bonfire Night) on 5th November.  Meaning half the population of Great Britain decide to spend their life savings on things that go “wheeeeeeeeeeee bang”.  Worse, they don’t wait until 31st October or 5th November before celebrating.  They start round about now.

Maybe it’s to do with the fact that Sainsbury’s are doing a 2-for-1 offer on fireworks.  Wonderful.  (I just wish Mr. Sainsbury’s could be locked up in a room where a cat or dog is trembling with fear from the loud explosions caused by the fireworks.)

I hate being a wet blanket, but I wish they would ban fireworks.  Or at least restrict their use to the day of the festivity itself.  Last year, I noticed that the fusillade started mid October and only ended two weeks after the New Year.   That’s a whole three months of wishing I lived in Singapore where fireworks are banned unless in government-regulated displays.

My neighbours, in particular are an example of profligate pyrotechnicians.  Their idea of a good party is one which finishes, literally, on a bang.  Their garden runs at right angles to ours.  So their rockets inevitably fly over our house.  Last year one of the rockets got caught on our roof.  Sheesh … I didn’t even have time to strap my flak jacket on before the rocket exploded.  Worse … this was followed by the laughter of both adults and children at their ingenuity.  Nuke and them were two words that sprang readily to my mind.

It’s only people with pets (and those who want to get to bed by 10pm) who appreciate how terrifying fireworks are.

EmergencyEssence1 Having said that, my Maine Coon girl sometimes sits quite happily on the windowsill and watches the displays, only flinching when the bangs get really loud.  She’s either bomb-proof or just dopey.  Haven’t worked that one out yet!  But Teddy, my male neuter and Maya the Bengal suddenly disappear or shadow me about the house, their little eyes pleading with me to do something about the loud noises.

I’ve found the Emergency Essence made by Australian Bush Remedies, quite helpful.  But only to a certain extent.  I think there’s also a company in this country that is selling CDs with firework noises on them so that you can desensitise your pets.  I’m still waiting for them to invent ear plugs for cats.

If you have any other helpful aids, do let me know.


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