Cat spam

26 October, 2006

If cats could send spam, what kind of spam would they write?  I interviewed a few cats, and here are a few examples they allowed me to share:

Dear User of our Maine Coon Dating site!
you have new message from Mikhail the Magnificent, 4 y.o., Grand Champion, mating want Female with Big Ruff. Kittens guaranteed.

Ti1AGRA for less
big boy cat make your queens much plesure with non-stop. Cheap Tiagra keep tiger in your tank always full.

Hey ted
Be in a good shape! New diet cat food. Eat all you want and still lose weight. Real meat. Real fish. Lowest price guarantee. Fast delivery. Stop being big. Be normal.

Anyway – you’re probably thinking, this is supposed to be a cat breeder’s blog – what has this post got to do with cat breeding, much less cats, and the answer is nothing!  I’m off to put in my order for “Wholesale prices for Alzheimer’s medication. Discreet shipping available to over 150 countries worldwide.”


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