Do Cats have souls?

31 October, 2006

One Sunday the vicar who was preaching at the church I was visiting told of a member of the congregation who had asked him whether if his dog died, it would go to heaven.

The vicar had told the dog owner that in order for his dog to go to heaven, it had to have a soul, and nowhere in the Bible did it say that animals have souls.

I can only share my experiences with my cats, and the experiences of others who are more gifted in the mystical and spiritual realms.

I once had a cat, Sophie.  At the age of 14 (we think it was 14 because she was a rescue who had been moved from home to home) she developed cancer.  There was a tumour and something to do with her liver. She shrank, became a shadow of her previously chunky self.

I started looking for a cure. Cures. The vet gave her three months. I refused to accept his diagnosis. I tried alternative therapies: CV247, homeopathy, and various healers. There was some remission.

During those three months something happened. Maybe it was the way in which she looked into my eyes everytime I took her to the healer, or the way she purred even though she was in discomfort. Maybe it was the way she tucked gratefully into the home-prepared food I had made for her.

Somehow, it’s hard to explain, but in those three months, Sophie went from being a Cat with a Personality to a Being.

Sophie died in my arms one morning. After she died, there was a long silence and suddenly I heard a bee striking a window in a bid to escape. I opened the window and the bee flew away into the garden.

A friend lovingly summed up Sophie and my experience: God sends us angels in many forms, to teach us about love and loving. Sometimes these angels just happen to be dressed in furry outfits. That’s the only explanation I have for how a little cat burrowed her way into my heart and made me feel deeply for her.

I also found solace in reading the website of Brother Steindl-Rast on angels and animals.

So do cats have souls? I think that if you were to judge a being by the fruits of his spirit, then our pets, who only give us love and enable us to show love, are great spirits.

We are all bees striking our heads against a barrier of ignorance and blindness. If God were to open the window of consciousness, would we recognise him in the moment or would we fly away blindly like the bee? If he sends us animals to be our companions, who is to say the animals aren’t angels in disguise, gently leading us to a deepening of love between all living things in the very short time they have with us.



  1. If it makes you feel any better, the Roman Catholic church asked if women had souls in the 1400s. The answer was no.

    As a Christian panenthist, I see the Divine manifest in everything, human and non human, animate and inanimate. My cats have the same spark of divinity as I do.

  2. I’ve seen my dogs show compassion to each other and to other animals, and if that’s not a soul, it’s at least a life spirit recognising another life spirit. And I think that’s what counts. In that sense, some animals have more “soul” than quite a lot of people.

  3. Dear Natural High, many thanks for sharing your experiences. I feel there is a lot that’s not explained in the Bible. I feel the same way too about my cats. Love and best wishes, Rona

    Dear Snugpug, thank you for your beautiful observation. I think animals are here to bring the best out of us. Almost a divine test, really. What do you think?

  4. Thanks so much for what you have expressed. I needed to read this at just this time in life. One of my cats have just died and the two left behind are missing her dearly as I am.

    I sit here and ask if she’s in a heaven, if she’s happy and safe and warm.

    Be well.

    With respect

  5. Dear Debs,

    I’m so sorry for your loss. It is such a huge pain when our cats leave us when they pass away.

    Just keep holding onto the thought that you gave her a great life and much love.

    I believe that all our pets who’ve passed on are safe, happy and warm.

    Bless your cat’s dear little soul.

    Best wishes,


  6. The arrogance of “man” to assume that we are the only creatures with souls! How can animals be so knowing without a soul. When one of our cats passed we had the pleasure of another one of the cats working very hard to help us overcome the loss. He would come and sit on my lap – something he had never done in the past. He would lie beside us in bed and stretch out a paw to touch us as if saying it was ok. Do cats, and other animals have souls? After our experiences, have to say unequivocally YES!

  7. I am sure cats have souls, or spirits. Being with my Kairy for 9 years and being treated by her better than many people, I have to say they do. Humans rape, murder, rob, steal, deceive, cheat, etc. And they make food and clothing out of animals. Animals don’t do any of that. I will always trust animals more than I trust humans.

    And if they don’t have a soul then, still they are better than many humans who only exist to commit crimes.

    I believe in God; but it is understandable that women were thought not to have souls. The Bible never gave women any power for anyone to think otherwise. The Bible was put together by a pagan emperor named Constantine who was not a believer himself in 337CE. Lots of women books were eliminated because it wasn’t convenient for them to be published as the world needed to be ruled by men. Some people should read “The Ungodly Origins of the Bible” (google it).

    As the internet became more popular, more and more people are becoming enlightened and are finally realizing that the Bible is not a book of God. It is a book with chosen scriptures by men of those days that used to fit those days perfectly. But its antiquated for todays standards.

    • You said someting so profound, animals do not steal? – you are wrong, so wrong, they steal our hearts. Their love is pure – their response is = responding to love given, and giving back more. Lilian TRUST yourself, pets do as you give. You will see = we all will see them again.

      • Dear Joan,

        Very very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

        I hope that you haven’t suffered a loss recently?

        Wishing you and your loved ones all the best.

      • I truly thank you for your response. I do concure with you, that a lot of people think either it is in the bible, or which I was raised as Catholic, Men were in charge. Now we have a President, who I think will be good. He is a Black Man – Or if I am politically correct an African American. This Politically correct crap is gone too far Liliana, how about being nice, being kind, like animals are – well the ones we keep as pets. I do not want to rant on and on but if all people treated each other as they and their pets do “WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD THIS WOULD BE” Thanks again. You are in my prayers. Happy New Year Liliana. I wish you the very best. You seem to be a wise and good person, of which I AM SURE OF. JLO

  8. Hi Liliana,

    Many thanks for your comforting words and interesting comments.

    You’re right, animals are honest and upfront. They also give us very pure love [may be food-related though!] and when they look at me with trust, my heart melts.

    Best wishes to you and your Kairy.

  9. I dont know how it is with you and if this is even related to the topic, but something really cool and funny at the same time is that even though the cats are very independent, they all follow certain behaviour and character and even physical patterns, according to their breeder or owner. Ive had a lot of cats, and they all have a lot of similarities, even if they’re always very independent from me, their faces look a bit the same, they act different from other pets and even my friends have said it’s always easy to identify my pets.
    I guess they’re like children, I mean, with the behaviour thing, the physical resemblance I really can’t explain but its amazing, like if it was my own trade mark. Ive seen this from other cat owners too.

    Was nice to read your experience, btw

  10. I’ve been enjoying the cat blog and wanted to put in my two cents about if cats go to heaven or not. I agree that the Bible does not tell us everything (for those of us who believe it really is a proclamation from God) In my life, God has shown me that he really is love and life and truth. Creation is an expression of HIM – and of his beauty and faithfulness and love. I can fully trust him who created and sustains all this to be much more interested in its eternal standing than I am. I personally believe that all energy that came from God returns to him unless it has made an alternative CONSCIOUS choice to REJECT HIM. He chose to give us choice! (death and sin are NOT his creation but the consequence of one being’s alternative choice)

  11. Dear Angela, many thanks for sharing your comments and beautiful experience of God. Most of my life I’ve been in the kind of church that uses fear; it’s something I’m still struggling with. So it’s nice to meet someone who has such an open and trusting relationship wtih God. Best wishes.

  12. Thank you for sharing your story. It’s 5:51 am and I’ve been up since 3:00 am. My husband and I lost our beloved 15 yr. old, black male cat, Merlin yesterday to liver disease also. He was what we fondly called our “first born”, as we have four cats, all strays, all found as babies. Merlin was so very amazing, so loyal and devoted to us. I actually taught this cat to shake hands when he was young by saying “give me your paw”. Before he died yesterday, he wanted to hold hands and we did. His death has left me with such hurt. I had no idea and was not prepared for the pain. I knew that I loved him, I guess I just didn’t know how much. After my husband buried Merlin in our back yard, we placed a large stone lion on his grave and hung flowers from a hook above it. While doing this, a beautiful black and turquoise butterfly started flying around my husband, then a little later moved on to flit around our patio for about an hour or so. Then it was gone. We have only seen a couple this spring and I remarked to my husband that I thought that was a sort of legend, which through searching the topic, brought me to this site. I appreciate the opportunity to write about Melin, our amazing and precious little boy. To those that believe that when an animal dies that it doesn’t matter, “it’s only a cat…” and that you are ridiculous for being upset over it, I have to ask the question of whether or not these people have souls? Only 2-3 hours after we buried Merlin, someone actually said that. I had no response. I was too shocked and hurt. Time heals a broken heart, I hope.

  13. Dear Jackie,

    Thank you for sharing your love for Merlin. I have tears in my eyes.

    Yes, it’s strange how a small little person in a fur coat can make such a bit impression on our hearts. They start off as cats and then become much more, and become little personalities in their own right. There is something so special about the trust that our pets give us, so unconditional, so honest. I believe that some pets are more special than others; it’s almost as though in living with us they evolve, and so do we. It becomes almost a spiritual bond.

    Merlin wanted to let you know that you meant a lot to him, so he held your hands. A little angel who came to give you love and have you love him. Fifteen years is a good life. But if only it could have been longer. At least he died seeing the love in your eyes.

    Does it get less painful? Yes, but then sometimes an incident can trigger a memory and then the wound reopens. But far better to have the wound than not to have had that special love and relationship with a cat.

    I believe that the butterfly was a little sign from Merlin that all was well and that he was free from all pain and illness.

    As for that person who questioned whether animals have souls – perhaps one day that person will have the experience of loving an animal deeply.

    God bless Merlin’s little soul, and god bless you and your husband. Merlin will forever live in your hearts and souls.

    Best wishes.

  14. Our cat Tinkerbell was always magical, and one of her abilities was to make every being who met her like her. We called it her pixie dust. She induced our grumpy 12-year-old cat Machka to love her like a litter mate. They cuddled and slept together all the time. When Machka died, Tink looked for her for six months.

    When Tink got sick of pancreatic cancer, I asked the Powers That Be not to save her, because I knew it was too late, but to make her comfortable and happy. Then came “the miracle of Tinkerbell.” She started eating, banked off the walls as she ran about the house like she had before she got sick, leaped to the top of the kitchen cabinets to nap as she hadn’t done in year, and came to give my wife kisses at night like she had when she was well.

    For the first time, I believed in miracles. When Tink died, we told her to find Machka. Some time later, Nancy had a dream that Machka and Tink would come back to us. The cat gestation period is six weeks, and it was about that time later that I saw a picture of two kittens on Craig’s list. Tink had unique eyes, and there I saw those eyes on one. As I contemplated that picture, my wife came in to say Pavaroti had died of pancreatic cancer, as had Tink. I went that morning to collect two kittens.

    So now Pixie banks off the walls, leaps through the banister rails to the landing to save time just like Tink (and only Tink) ever did, comes for smooches at night, and runs up my wife in bed every morning to say hi just like Tink always did. Puck, meanwhile, has Machka’s obsession with water, solid demeanor about life, and happiness about being our only shoulder cat. The two love each other and cuddle and sleep together all the time. It’s déjà vu all over again.

    The miracle continues.

  15. Dear Seeking Insight,

    You write so beautifully about those miraculous moments when Tink and Puck returned to you.

    I’ve always hoped that our pets can incarnate again on earth and come back to us. I’ve heard that they don’t always re-join the same family, so you have been blessed.

    Your Tink was indeed special – maybe she would have succeeded in reforming my thuggy Bengal, Maya!

    Thank you for sharing your miracle. It gives all of us who have had our hearts broken over the death of our furry companions, hope that we will some day be reunited again and share their love.

  16. The experience answers the question for me, and I was not so inclined beforehand. It’s wonderful to learn SOME things.

  17. Dear Seeking Insight,

    Tell you what else impressed me and struck me as unusual about your post: when your Tink was seriously ill with pancreatic cancer, it was the way you were willing to let her go and you actually asked the Universe to let her go easily and painlessly. I think it takes a big heart to do that. When my Sophie was ill I fought to keep her and railed against the Universe.

    What has allowed you to let things take their course and not fight against them? I could learn so much from you.

    Best wishes.

  18. Oh, we would have fought and railed, too, but there was no battle to fight because pancreatic cancer is fast, ruthless, and unstoppable. So the best we can do for those we love is give them as much joy as we can at the end. The miracle made that possible, so the gift ultimately was to us more than to her.

  19. Thank you all for sharing. In a couple of hours I will be taking my cat, Angel, to put her to sleep. I just found out Mon she is in the final stages of kidney failure and she has gone down hill quickly. I have had her for 7 years since she was only a few weeks old.
    I feel like my heart has been crushed.
    The night we brought her home she was so tiny she couldn’t get up the stairs. We went to Wal-Mart to get her a bed, food, etc. We went to bed and had to leave her downstairs – I was afraid she might fall. She cried, cried, cried. So finally I took my pillow and slept on the couch. It didn’t take her long to fall asleep. Last night I slept on the couch and she laid on her blanket on the floor. I figured we may as well end it as we began.
    We just bonded from the beginning. When I went to look at the kittens Angel cried the loudest and was the only one that came to me and tried to crawl on my lap. I picked her up and never put her down. I even held on my neck as we drove home that evening. I never imagined she would leave me so soon.
    This quote from the article above seems so fitting
    “God sends us angels in many forms, to teach us about love and loving. Sometimes these angels just happen to be dressed in furry outfits.”

  20. Sent on 29 August:

    My dearest angelcat,

    It is such an honour that you have been asked to hold the paw of your cat, Angel, as she passes out of this life. She will know that you love her, and that your love accompanies her on her journey.

    I understand the pain that you feel, and I have tears in my eyes as I write this. I’m so sorry that she’s had to leave you after such a short time. She has ben very fortunate in having the love you have given her.

    All I can say is that your little Angel came into your life to be with you and she will always be with you. Bless you for opening your heart to this little soul. God bless her little soul.

    Take care of yourself.

    Thinking of you

  21. My cat of 18 @ a half died at the vets on 25th. September past. I had her from 7 weeks. She had gone dormant & would not eat or drink & the vet said she was sleeping her time away. Cats do seem to show specific patterns of behaviour when death is approaching. I read that they can go distant & appear unaware of events around them & stare ahead apparently at nothing. Looking back, the first sign was when I called hello to her in the garden from an upstairs window. I called loudly about 7 times, but she appeared not to hear & was gazing ahead. My exact thought at te time was ‘It’s like she’s in some other world’. Maybe she was looking at one. Then she didn’t come in for tea, unprecedented, or later so I knew something bad had happened. The next morning I found her nestled in an end-opening box by the window in the conservatory. There she remained & at night I carried her in to her usual bed, thinking that’s where she’d want to be & it would be warmer. I settled her down, but as soon as I got up, although probably quite weak, she got up & started to walk back again. I picked her up & brought her back & the same thing happened again. That’s where she wanted to be, so I let her stay there. I am sure she had chosen this as her last resting place on earth, the semi-darkness of a box by the open conservatory windows, partly in the house & also by the garden which she had always loved & mostly grew up in, to go taking her best memories of earth with her, the sounds & smells of the garden, the bird song & the sound of water falling into the pond. After she had died I wen to see a spiritualist who told me she was a black & white cat & she had just seen her. Maybe it was a lucky guess or maybe she had seen her, but it seemed genuine. So to my cat Tops, you were a great cat & I love you & see you later.

  22. when my cat of 13 years was dying of lymphoma, (I had him put down before he was in too much pain), I was reading one night on the couch. He came to lay by me, so I read out loud to him and he purred even louder than he was before.

    2 years later I am still missing him, I do have a new cat tho, you know how it goes, they find you, this one found me, love at first site. been about a year or so together now. many more to come, he is only 1 1/2 yrs old. beautiful seal point siamese. indoor cat. such a sweetie.

    for some reason I just love certain cats, and feel a bond. it’s for real. call it soul, or heart. they are definitely full of love. mine are anyway.


  23. Dear Marie,

    Bless you for sharing this. You were really strong to give him permission to go, and to put him to sleep before the pain got too much – it takes courage to do something like that. Wherever he is, I am sure he is remembering you with love.

    Your new boy sounds wonderful too. Siamese are just so intelligent. Almost human, sometimes.

    Good luck and good health to you both.

  24. Dear Vivatops,

    I am very sorry for your loss. To be the companion to a cat for 18 1/2 years is amazing – what times you must have shared together. And what an empty space in your heart where your Tops used to be.

    18-and-a-half is an amazing age for a cat. You must have taken good care of her when she was with you.

    Thank you for sharing Tops’ last moments. I found your observations fascinating. They show how close you were to her and what a close bond you must have had. I like to think that her last memories were of you, and her beautiful garden.

    There are a number of memorial websites where people can leave tributes to their pets:


    I hope that anyone reading your post and my reply will find them helpful.

  25. I had a loss around the same time as another breeder who is a friend and we exchanged a couple of emails here is the text of a response which I hope adds a little comfort:

    “Well I think I have an idea what you mean.

    The way I see it is life is where it is sunny and clear and well defined pleasures and dreamings of sitting in a field with all friends present and enjoying themselves. Well that doesn’t happen, but can be clearly dreamed.

    Each of us is pulled from the fog into life or we find our way out of it into the grassy sunny or thorn riddled field of life.

    Sometimes on the way in or out we might unexpectedly fail and slip back. In any case we go in and out of the nebulous by ourselves, but sometimes can be called out or pulled out by need and the love and affinity that we have previously seen and heard from others.

    We never really lose each other, but we do lose track – the fog obscures.
    Each one you have ever known in life is coming and going and near to you and drawn and tied to you.

    You simply have to recognize them when they come back or you do, and forgive the loss of clarity from the fog.

    It’s less romantic and somewhat more disturbing than a dream, but life and death often are.

    Nevertheless truth holds comfort in its telling and hearing”

    • Hi Gary,

      Many thanks for your beautiful reply and thank you for sharing it with everyone else who has lost a much-loved cat. I hope that the pain of losing your cat will someday be more bearable.

      Best wishes.

  26. […] just read your post “Do cats have souls?“  I truly think that Kiki really was/is my angel and in everything that she’s doing, […]

  27. I’m a 65 year old man that just yesterday lost my “Noah”. I have been through combat, loss of friends to death, divorce and other such things, this is the worst. I am devastated, I can’t stop crying, the loss is just too painful. Noah and I had such a bonding, we took care of each other. He was his own person, doing what he wanted. I noticed these past few weeks that he wanted desperately to sleep at the foot of my bed between my legs, he went where I went. My wife found him splayed out on the floor of a downstairs room, a pose he has used many times before. I knew he was gone even before he was found.. You know Ya just have that feeling that a piece of you has departed.
    I could see that his life had left him by looking into his eyes…Noah was not there. No one may ever see this, however if you do, it is my heartfelt hope and prayer (as a christian) that I will see him again and you be comforted.

    • Bob,

      I saw your post. I am sure I am not the only one.

      I lost my litle girl 3 weeks ago (Feb. 17). She was 17. I had such a bond with her. My mother warned me about it. Perhaps she was right. If so, was worth it.

      I grieve. No other word for it. I think you do as well.

      Beastie was the most self-willed (and expressive) cat I have ever known. I still love her so much. Always will.

      She got cancer. I spent a lot of $, but it did not work out. Well, she never was very cooperative. I decided to stop things 3 weeks ago while she was still “Beastie.”

      I was devastated. I was calm when it happened (am a delayed reaction person). Then later I cried and cried.

      It’s ok to cry. I did, still do, although now it is not every night–since Sunday. Only every other night now. An improvement I guess.

      Not that I will forget her–never will.

      I have her ashes. I sent her off personally. Has helped me.

      I am a Christian. I have discussed the soul vs spirit question. I believe “they” are somewhere. I think we shall see them again.

      But must admit, I prayed so hard for healing….

      I know it’s just difficult now. I suspect you feel as I do: I want him/her back here and now!

      God bless you. I will pray for you.

      • Dear Cigfran,

        Thank you so much for being so generous and giving us your comfort, even though you are hurting inside.

        I too sometimes wonder whether it’s worth opening our hearts to our furry friends who have such a comparatively short lifespan.

        But the thing is: they are here to teach us about love and loving and we can’t help ourselves but fall in love with them.

        And then we find that they’ve changed us through their very pure love.

        You gave her 17 years of joy. I hope that you will find more joy in years to come.

        Best wishes and blessings,

    • Dear Bob,

      I’m so sorry you lost your Noah.

      It’s very raw now so I know that no matter whatever anyone says, the pain is still there.

      Please be kind to yourself. You gave your Noah a wonderful life filled with love and all the things a cat could want. You were there for him whenever he needed you. You didn’t let him down or abandon him. It was just his time to go and he went quietly and quickly without any suffering – that is a blessing in itself.

      Rest assured … he’s sending you his love as always.

      God bless his little soul.

      Best wishes,

      • thecatswhiskers, I agree with what you told Bob. It must have been terribly shocking to find Noah like that. But it does sound as if he went without any suffering–and at home. That is a blessing in itself. Bob, it sounds as if you were a great “owner” (although they really “own” us).

        And thank you for your kind words to me. It “is” worth opening our hearts. I was very fortunate to have her as long as I did.

        She was in great health until she got cancer. Had only had two problems before that and they were both years ago: a broken tail theat healed (she probably fell when jumping around) and a urinary tract infection.

        Until mid-November one would have never known she was 17 years old. Still acted like a kitten.

        Even after she was diagnosed with cancer she was still in pretty good shape, although not as active. I just decided to stop things when she suddenly developed pneumonia, then edema, then fluid in her abdomen, low temperature and an enlarged heart. Plus her growth suddenly came back, larger than ever. Seemed as if everything was starting to shut down, even though she was not in pain; just getting weaker. So, I felt it was time. She was still feisty enough to grumble/complain when the vet gave her the first injection (she was definitely not a good patient–as a result the staff at the vet’s really liked her, lol).

        It was over very quickly. I was able to hold her when it was done and that was a blessing, even if bittersweet.

        She had a great life. She was completely spoiled. She ruled our household. In her opinion it was “Beastie’s World” 24/7. And she never, ever, let us forget it.

        I still have my other Cornish Rex, a boy who is 13. While “merely” a good cat (Beastie was a great cat), I love him. We have been a comfort to each other. He missed her. He was “looking around” for awhile. I think he is now rather enjoying being “top” cat.

        I will have more joy. I will get over my grief. It is better than it was. I will get another cat and love her too.

        Eventually losing our beloved cats is just part of the “deal.” Over the years I have grieved over many animals (ranging all the way from a lizard to a horse). Yes, it is hard, but it is worth it. In my opinion better to have had the privilege of living with an animal than not had the experience at all, no matter how painful it is at the end.

        Again, thank you.

  28. I want to thank all of you kind folks that responded to my post of 10 March regarding my “friend Noah”. He is now resting in a special place just outside my bedroom window. The grieving has subsided some. I now accept that He did live a huge life. He will always be in my thoughts. I greatly appreciate the fact that he made it home on his own, rather than collapsing in some unknown location. Imagine the gnawing pain that would have caused. Again,thank you all very much. Bob

    • Bob,

      Glad to hear grieving has lessened somewhat. Also glad to hear he has a resting place near you.

      Every blessing.

  29. I am 100 percent with you and it’s very upsetting how religious people can be so unsupportive at ……in times of great emotional distress. BUT…..I also take care of feral cats in my neighborhood in Brooklyn. Fortunately there are some good people in my area who care for them along with me. Also, sadly, some cats have disappeared. It is our human responsibility to take care of these lives that depend on us. It is not easy. But I’m thankful for support communities such as this one. I also believe very strongly that many of these cats living outdoors should be left alone….not counting the trap neuter and release programs that reduce the population but do not cage or euthanize these animals. Cats are resilient creatures and can generally handle themselves in all kinds of weather, and they are far better off free to find their way out in the open than stuck in cages. Also, some of these shelters…..I have heard horror stories. But the more of a network there is where people can communicate with each other and find solutions together the better off these animals are. And animals DO have souls…..far more than us! They are far more empathetic than humans and also psychic. They see, hear and smell things we do not. OK that’s all I’ll say for now. Keep up the good work:) L from New York.

    • Laura,

      Not all “religious people” are unsupportive (although some are–too bad).

      Still not sure if animals have souls, spirits or both. They do have something.

      But, as one from a “Christian” background: I can not speak for other religious belief systems. But it is my belief that we should take responsibility for animals. We should care for them. I believe a close reading of the Bible supports that. I believe that the “dominion” bit in Genesis has been misinterpreted. I see it as a charge to love them and care for them, not to merely treat them as “objects.”

      Sounds as if you are performing a good work up in Brooklyn. Please keep it up! I am sure you will. Best wishes.

  30. Neither myself nor my husband were ever pet people and kind of laughed at those who were, until 11 years ago when a little ball of fur (our Pretty Girl)showed up at our door and stole our hearts. Suddenly the lights when on and we understood what it was all about. Plus she is the perfect cat, has never scratched a piece of furniture, never has gone to the bathroom anywhere besides her litter box, in fact she comes in from outside to use it! Always comes when I whistle and wants nothing but to be in our company and to cuddle. I lost my precious husband a year and a half ago and have been so grateful to have Pretty, she seems to know my pain and is constantly trying to comfort me and she suceeds. The funny thing is to this day she will have nothing to do with any other human beings, only me, she runs scared if anyone else comes near her. I believe God knowing what the future was going to bring me sent her to me to help me get through this time in my life. This week my brother in law lost his precious cat to kidney failure. I believe strongly that there is a child in heaven who God felt needed a pet and that is where they go when they leave this world. Their work goes on…

    • Dear Pretty Girl’s Mom,

      Thank you opening your heart and sharing the joy and comfort that your Prety is bringing you. It can’t be easy to do this during such a difficult time.

      I think it’s amazing how she turned up on your doorstep. It’s almost as though she knew that she was meant to transform your lives.

      I’m sorry for the loss of your husband. I hope that each passing day brings you and Pretty a bit more ease and a bit more joy.

      God bless you both,

      • I can certainly relate to the story about “Pretty”.
        My son bought “Milah” (a Tabby)at a Pet Shop on the 23rd of December 2009. She was probably 6 weeks old at the time. My Dad had passed away, suddenly, on the 23rd of September, and Milah brought new life and love into our home, and especially into my Mother’s life. There was a wonderful bond between Milah and all of us, but especially with my Mother. It seemed that her mission was truly to help my Mother to cope with the sudden loss of her partner of 52 years. Sadly, my Mother passed away on the 8th of July 2010, and once again, Milah has been a comfort to us who are left behind. On Friday afternoon, 20th of August, Milah was knocked by a car, managed to run home, but died in the garden. Our hearts are shattered! We truly loved her, but she TRULY loved us! I have NEVER experienced such unconditional love from an animal. I was never really keen on having animals until Milah. Today I can truly say that I am thankful for what she meant to us and taught us in the short time we were fortunate to have her.
        I have given this “soul” question much thought over the past 2 day, mainly because it was the first question my 14 year old son asked me, with tears in his eyes………”does Milah have a soul?” I had to say “I don’t think so” because that is what has been communicated to me throughout my life, albeit that it was never really discussed at length. However, in retrospect; if God could have brought this little being into our lives, at the right time, for a specific purpose (because let’s face it, her job here is done)and she could bring us so much comfort and joy, how can she not have a soul? Why would God give us this absolutely perfect love, which we thrived on for 8 months, and then rip it out of our lives, never to be seen or met again?
        I have a whole new perspective on this subject, for which I am eternally grateful.

      • Dear Inga,

        What a beautiful soul Milah was.

        Thank you so much for sharing your experiences of her love with us, and showing us how much she changed your lives.

        I know a lot of people have found comfort in this post, and I’m sure that everyone else who comes upon what you have written will also be similarly strengthened and reassured.

        I think the closer we get to our pets, the more we realise that they are more than just “pets”. They respond to us in ways that is more than just instinct. They open us up and make us grateful that such love does exist in this imperfect world. Sometimes there are no answers that people (or religion) can give us, just the knowing that we get from having experienced the love of a cat.

        Best wishes to you and your family,

  31. hi ardith and i just lost our cat named shadow a black cat.a very good cat,we had him 17 years she found him at work in the parking lot by the curb of coarse we took him in. then, he was about 12 weeks old. just this last week dr told us he wouldnt live very long not thru the weekend,dr was right he died in my wifes arms as we were taking him back to the vet.we had him cremated and he is now with us in a special place.ever since he died we sometimes can hear a faint meow of a cat sounds just like him i do believe that cats dogs alike have spirits if God created man then he created animials for us to enjoy and yes i also believe that they have souls and go to heaven with us there waiting for us

    • Dear Dennis and Ardith,

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts on animals and souls.

      I’m very sorry about Shadow’s death. 17 years is a very long life for a cat – you must have given him a fantastically comfortable life for him to live that long.

      It must be strange not having him around. The pain must be heartrending when you remember the moments you shared. At least you got a chance to say goodbye to him so that you could send him on his way with your love.

      He’ll always be with you in your heart and your memories.

      Take care and all the best.

  32. I just lost my cat who was 20 years old. I had her for more than half of my life, which she was a big part of. She had cancer and I was told 3 years ago that she only had 3-6 months to live. The vet called her the “wonder cat”. People who saw her could not believe how old she was or that she was sick. I knew the time would come, and no matter how hard it would be, I wanted to be there with her in the end. After 20 years, it was the least I could do. Unfortunately, we were away on vacation when it happened. She was doing fine, then one morning, my mom, who was looking after her, found her lying on the floor. They took her to the vet and in the middle of a busy airport, I sat there crying my eyes out as the vet told me over the phone that there was nothing they could do. There was also no way I could make it back in time to be with her. I asked if he could let my friend, who happens to be a vet technician, call me before they put my cat to sleep so that she could at least hear my voice. I told her how much I loved her, that I would never forget her, apologized for not being there with her, and then said my final goodbyes. Both the vet and my friend told me that she lifted her head when she heard my voice. I know we took very good care of her and did everything we could for her, but it breaks my heart that I could not be there with her to comfort her in her last moments. I am doing better now and it does comfort me to think that she does have a soul and that she is still with me. I do hope we will be together again some day. I am also happy to see that I am not the only one who feels this way. Thanks to everyone for understanding.

    • Dear Jo,

      Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and your life with your wonder cat. What was her name?

      You know, every time people share their stories on this post, I start crying – that they’ve had to go through the heart-rending experience of losing a cat who was so special.

      But at the same time … I know how much love there was. Everyone who writes in tells of how they’ve found that their cat was more than a cat, but a part of their hearts and souls.

      And even though the end was so sudden and sad, the love between you and your cat was something that no one can take away. I know you would not give up all the 20 years you had with your cat. And she wouldn’t have given up those 20 years either. You did the right thing by not letting her suffer but by letting her go. That was hard and called on every ounce of your courage and love for her, and you didn’t fail her.

      She will always be with you. Her last thoughts were of you, and loving you, and of your love for her.

      I hope you’re feeling better today. We are all here for you, all of us who’ve loved and lost our cats.

      • Thank you for your reply. Her name was Poodle (how she got that name is a long story 🙂 ) Of course this lead to confusion some times, but it always made people smile when I told them what her name was.
        I am doing a little better every day. I think of all the good memories and it makes me smile.

        Best wishes to everyone

      • Hello Jo,

        Great to hear from you again, and to know that you’re managing to take each day as it comes.

        I wish I could say it gets easier, but some days are easier than others – you know how it is.

        All I can say is that you are one of the privileged few who got to get real close to such a special cat.

        And I know that some day, if you feel up to sharing your life with another cat, that cat will be one lucky cat to have such a loving owner.

        Poodle is such a cute name. Hey – I’ve known girl cats get given boy names and vice versa, by mistake. And even when the owners find out, they stick with the wrong-sex name!

        Best wishes again,

  33. This past Monday August 1 our beautiful cat Lili (male but pronounced LeeLee)passed away suddenly in our living room. He was ONLY 10 YEARS OLD. We went out in the afternoon and when we returned he was on the living room chair. He was dead and we fell apart! My wife Isabel was very close to Lili and he to her. I loved him dearly. We have three other kitties but Lili was King of the house!

    Your blog and the many comments from wonderful cat owners has soothed our souls. Loved the stories and the experiences. We believe Lili died of an aneurysm or of a heart attack but the latter would have shown symptoms and he did not.

    We hope and pray to see him again! He is in Rainbow Bridge for sure!

    Alex and Isabel (The Woodlands, Texas)

  34. I just lost my little buddy yesterday. Call me a big softy but I can’t stop crying. I had woody since he was a couple of inches long and had to bottle feed him until he could eat solid food. He was with me for 17 years. I believe I will see him again in heaven regardless what the bible says. He had a soul! What your friend wrote was beautiful and hope you don’t mind if I have it written on his urn. I truly believe he was an angle sent to me from on high. Thanks for posting what you said, it made me feel a little better.

    • Dear Warren,

      I’m so sorry about Woody. It is so hard when you lose a close friend whom you loved and who loved you so much. I always feel it is such a privilege when we get chosen to be loved by an animal. It is the ultimate sign of trust.

      17 years is a ripe old age! Wow – you must have taken great care of him. And I bet he had a wonderful life.

      I hope that all the blessings of the wonderful times you shared together will help you through the days ahead. He will always be in your heart because he was your special boy.

      God bless you, Woody!

      Best wishes always,

  35. My wife and I have (had) 3 cats Puff-a-Lump(oldest @18+yrs) Artoo and Tigger (youngest @5yrs) 7 months ago the wife was in critical condition. After over a month of her in intensive care and surgeries all was ok. During that time (the worst time of my life) I dont know what I would have done if it wasnt for my cats. The wife and I have no children of our own and no family close by. To me my cats ARE my children. Each and everytime I came home from being with my wife in the hospital, all 3 of them would comfort me like you wouldnt believe. Never before has all 3 of them wanted to cuddle or sit on my lap at the same time. They knew without a doubt something was wrong and bless them, they did everything possible to comfort me. Without them I really dont know what would have happened. I would look at each of them in the eye and tell them that “mommy” misses them and loves them..and they would talk and talk. They knew exactly what I was saying and I have absolutely no doubt they were saying the same thing. Just looking in thier eyes I was able to see more compassion and love then I see in most people.
    2 months ago, I had to put my oldest cat (Puff-a-Lump) down. His body just started shutting down. I knew what I had to do…and so did he.Normally someone would feel extremely quilty about doing that to someone ( yes I said someone,he was more human the some people I know) and yet I didnt feel quilty. I would talk to Puff about what I had to do..and he would start purring..and the look he gave me, I cant decribe it. Its like he was ready to move on and was thankful, a sense of peace I guess you can say. So I did what I had to do to stop is suffering. I held him until the very end…tears running like crazy, thanking him and telling him how much I love him, evening calling him “son” (in a manner of speaking..he was). My heart broke. The minute I got home, the other 2 ran right up to me and did thier best to comfort me, even tapping me with thier paws letting me know its ok( dont ask how I know what theywere thinking, I just do)
    This morning, Tigger died in my arms. He developed breathing problems over the last few days. I knew he wasnt going to make it last night. He cuddled with me after I got home and kept looking in my eyes. I can instantly tell that he was saying good-bye.Even though he couldnt breathe much, he still did his best to let me know he loved me. He laid beside me on the couch trying to purr.
    He is gone now…as im writing this I will admit im crying. I do however want people out there to know something though. It doesnt matter that they are “just cats”. They are so much more then that. It hurts like hell right now, but I would never change anything. I am so grateful and proud to have them in my life and will always remember and love them. I know in my heart that they are with me still and that someday I WILL see them again. Thank you Puff and Tigger for the love and friendship you have shown me. I will forever love you…my sons…..

    • Dear Calvin,

      Thank you for sharing with us the beautiful lives of Puff-a-Lump and Tigger.

      What you had together was something special, they were your family, so it’s no wonder they knew what you needed when you and your wife were going through her illness.

      You gave them an extraordinary and wonderful life. You did the right thing with Puff-a-Lump even though it took a lot of courage, and your close bond meant that Tigger trusted you enough to die in your arms.

      Puff-a-Lump and Tigger couldn’t have chosen better fur parents than you and your wife. I’m sorry that you’ve had the heartbreak of saying good-bye to them, but every tear you cry honours them and their lives.

      Whereever they are, they are sending you their love and their purrs to strengthen you in your journey ahead.

      With best wishes to your wife for a speedy recovery, and to your heart for bringing so many blessings to your cats’ lives.

  36. our cat died today with an accident we love him so much his color is orange and white just like yous, hope he go to heaven..

    • Dear Ryan,

      I’m so sorry about the loss of your dear cat. Yes, I believe cats go to heaven.

      Read about animals and angels on Brother Steindl-Rast’s site:


      You opened your heart and gave your cat love and a home. You will not be forgotten – your cat lives on in our heart!

      Love and best wishes,

  37. Thank you for this article. My cat was recently diagnosed w/ multiple tumors & she’s the exact age as Sophie. I’m still learning how to deal & how to give her the best quality of life. We weren’t given a time frame so I’m literally taking things second to second. I pray that she will visit me or show me signs that she’s w/me. I don’t know if I can let her go.

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