Some photos from the Supreme Cat show

13 December, 2006

Here are a few photos I took at the Supreme Cat show in Birmingham (see previous post for more details of the show).  I had to wait until the cats were out of their pens before taking the shots.  I did make a note of whose cats they were, but unfortunately I’ve misplaced those notes – if this is your cat in the photo, please would you accept my apologies.  As soon as I find those notes I will update this post with the owner details.  Supreme1Alternatively, please e-mail me if you this is your cat.  And many many thanks for being so patient and answering my questions and also letting me stroke your beautiful cats!

Here is a Siberian at the Siberian Cat Club table.  

My friend and I were bowled over by how gentle and cuddly this Siberian was – one of the best-handled cats Supreme2we’ve ever met!  He just snuggled up to his owner and put his head on her shoulders.  We now both want a Siberian.  In case you were wondering, yes, they look like Maine Coons, but there are differences.  The one unseen difference is that Siberians lack the gene that causes people to be allergic to cats – most people who can’t have cats because of allergies can have a Siberian.Supreme3


And here is the cat that you either love or hate, the Sphynx.  Again, many thanks to these two Sphynx owners who allowed me to pet their cats.  Contrary to appearences, the Sphynx is not a wimpy cat, it’s very muscular and has very thick skin.





  1. I am a recent owner of the Siberian breed and they are wonderful cats. They are lovable, loyal, smart and funny and make great companions. They love to be underfoot and love to be cuddled. I have always wanted a cat, but due to allergies was not able to have one in my home. I have had no reaction to him and has been with me over a month. Breeders, however, do suggest you visit if you do have cat allergies to see how well you can tolerate the breed.

    Enjoyed your pictures of the cat show.

  2. Spending time with cat breeders in their home will give an idea of the extent of your allergies, it may be wise to visit a short-haired breed on one day and a long haired breed on another to see if it makes a difference

  3. I love cats there cute dont ya think ok bye or could Icall itsee ya im 11 years old I love your gray cat I have a cat just like it hes name is addie hes judde bye email me bye*********

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