15 January, 2007

The title of this post refers to me. After the kittens left I thought I’d have so much time on my hands that I’d be writing blog entries every day.

If only.

It’s true about having time on my hands. The problem is that I’ve fallen into a kind of inertia in which all I want to do after a day’s 9-5 is read and watch TV and sleep (and my other excuse is a 1.5 hour commute to and from work).

And the other problem about not having been updating this blog is that this is supposed to be a day in the life of a cat breeder. Now that the kittens have left for their homes I’m not sure if I’m fulfilling the brief. So until more kittens pop along, my posts are going to be, if not cat-breeding related, at least cat-related.

So, this post is an attempt to gee up not only my creative muse, but also to shame myself into writing more frequently. Call it a New Year’s resolution.

Here’s what you’ll have to look forward to in the next few posts:

— Cat Yoga (how having cats sleep with you in bed can improve the way you hold yoga postures!)
— Is Mummy Cat on heat?
— What’s in my Homeopathic Birthing Kit for Cats
— Why are there so few good fiction books on cats (also: why are cats always cast as villains in films?)?

OK. Back to the TV and a good book.



  1. i really couldn’t figure out where to ask this question! i have 2 litters of siamese kittens, 12 total…what i would like to know is when the mom is starting to train them to use a litter box! how or what can i get to keep them all confined in so they don’t wander all around my bedroom pooing and peeing everywhere? i don’t have alot of money to invest in something, and i would need two of them because i would have to separtate the two litters,,,can you please help me?

    • Dear Linda,

      Thank you for posting, and apologies for the delay in replying.

      It all depends on the cat mom, but I had to teach the kittens to use the litter tray.

      How to confine kittens – if you look at my later posts, you will see that they are in a pen made using MDF boards which I bought from a DIY store. I drilled holes in the sides and lashed them together using wire tires (the sort for tying up bushes). They were approximately 3 feet high. In that pen I placed the box they slept in, and loads of litter trays. I did not put any litter in them. The litter trays varied in size from chocolate box trays which were shallow so kittens could step INTO them and not have to hop over them.

      I also rubbed the litter trays with a bit of pee from a spill.

      The thing is, kittens do want to stay clean so they will use the trays. The trick is to mop up spills and then rub the tray with the pee so the smell is in the tray. Put a piece of kitchen towel in each tray so it absorbs the pee. Now remember: clean the tray as soon as it is used because otherwise the kittens won’t use a wet tray – VERY IMPORTANT.

      My mother cat attempted to use a kitten-size tray – I almost had a fit because her pee overflowed the small tray. She did this in front of the kittens who sat and watched her with great interest.

      The other thing you can do to encourage them is to pick them up and put them in the tray, especially after a meal.

      Before kittens have their first poo they strain and may scream. Quickly pick them up and place them in the tray.

      Remember to clean up all spills and make sure there are no smells. Also, remove bedding from the pen if they start using the bedding – you want to break them of that habit.

      Good luck and best wishes with training the kittens!

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