Maya – Mouse Warrior!

22 January, 2007

I have a new name for Maya, my Bengal girl – it’s “Mouse Warrior”.

OK, not surprisingly, we don’t really have a mouse problem, but I suspect that when a mouse does decide to visit, it’s a short-lived stay.

MayaMouse1 MayaMouse2 MayaMouse3


These photos are from the first mouse Maya caught about 2 years’ ago.

She brought it indoors, dropped it on the floor – it was ALIVE.  I did what I swore I would never do – squealed and jumped on the nearest chair when the mouse panicked and scuttled towards me.  Maya caught the mouse again, and started playing with it the way cats do.  [it sounds cruel, but from what I’ve read cats play with their live prey in order to wear it down so that it’s easier to kill – a little like what matadors do in bullfights.  Cats are more efficient then matadors, though].  What puzzled me was that the mouse made little attempt to run away.  In the end, we took pity on the mouse, and hubby rescued it with a dustpan and brush and threw it over the garden fence.

The next morning I stepped on something in the hallway.  Ah.  It was the mouse back again.  Dead.


Here are a photo of another mouse Maya caught earlier this January.  The first I heard of it was when I got home from work and Maya started screaming.  It wasn’t her usual “feed me/play with me” scream, so I called for her.  She came running down the stairs, and there was something in her mouth and she dropped it.  It was a mouse.  Dead.  (I think she got the hint that I didn’t appreciate live prey).  Where it was previously, I don’t know – probably the bedroom, but I’m trying not to think about that.

Anyway, she was so proud of her catch, I praised her because that’s what you’ve got to do … when cats bring in their prey, they’re sharing it with you, their owner.  If you tell a cat off for doing it, it may think you’re not satisfied with the prey and go out and get another one (that’s what I’ve been told anyway).

It’s a shame, but none of the cats made use of the opportunity to enjoy nutritious, freshly-caught mouse.



  1. Hi this is quite useful but could you send me a pic of your Bengal since my dad is thinking of getting one but pics on the net

    • Hello, there are loads of Bengal pics on the internet. Just google Bengal Cat and click on the images tab, or google Bengal Cat photos. Or go to the websites of any Bengal cat website. You will find loads more photos of Bengals, plus different colours and markings.

      Best wishes,

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