Snow Cats!

12 February, 2007


Here are some photos of my cats enjoying the snow last week – the UK was hit by its first major snow storm of the winter on Thursday 8 February.

In London, the North of London was hit the worst.  When the cats woke me up at 6am there must have been at least 2 inches of snow, and it was still falling in heavy flurries.





Here’s a photo of Teddy’s paw prints in the deep snow as he rushed to use the flower bed as his litter tray, and the cat house which Teddy had been occupying just before I took the picture.


As you can see from this photo, Ananda wasn’t very impressed by the snow.  She’s a Maine Coon, and well-kitted-out for the outdoor life, with a thick fur coat and tufts of fur on her paws, but ooh – the dirty look she gave me when I put my foot under her bum and tried to get her into the snow!


Not so Maya, the tropical Bengal.  You would think a short-haired cat with tropical genes would be huddled under the radiator, but no – she loved the snow and charged through it, chasing Teddy!


Yes, Maya loved the snow so much she decided to help me build a snowman. 

It looked quite off-putting at first, like something out of Ghostbusters, so tried to make it look more friendly:  I used the old seal on the old cat flap (see previous post) for the snowman’s smile.  The trendy mohawk is the dried remains of an artichoke plant, and the eyes are rosehips.


Here is Maya inspecting the workmanship.  I don’t think she was impressed because she succeeded in pulling off the eyes and the headpiece!

Teddy was convinced the snowman was some visiting entity and ran away back into the house when he saw it!



  1. What a happy, handsome snowman! How creative of you.
    Rupert says: what do cats know anyway? 🙂

  2. Wow I didn’t realise the snow was so heavy! Did your cats enjoy it?

    • Hi James,

      Many thanks for reading my cat blog.

      Yes, this snowfall was last year’s. All the cats enjoyed it, and the Bengal, despite being short-haired bounded through the garden. I think it was a novelty for them to see things transformed into this white wilderness. The Maine Coons were better suited for the snow, of course. Some years back during a particularly heavy snowfall I built a snowman and the Bengal promptly climbed up it and attacked it!

      Best wishes

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