Happy Mother’s Day!

15 March, 2007

This image may not be used in any way whatsoever without the written permission of the artist.

It’s Mother’s Day in England, this Sunday 18th March and I’d like to wish all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day in advance.

I want to share this painting of my Maine Coon mum cat with you.  It’s entitled “Mother’s Day” and I think it captures perfectly that moment of love and intimacy between mother and child (or in this case, her kitten). I love the way the painting has captured the happy expression on my mum cat’s face as her little kitten cuddles up to her.

This painting was done by Denise Laurent, an outstanding and best-selling artist of our furry companions.  It’s available as a print, and any Mum who’s a cat lover would be thrilled by this beautiful gift.

Please check out Denise’s work on www.thepaintedcat.co.uk, and be prepared to fall in love with all her beautiful paintings.

And just to show you what a great artist she is, here is the original photo of mum and her kitten:




  1. It must say something that I know it’s Daylight Savings in the US but don’t know that it’s Mother’s Day in the UK. Happy Mother’s Day to you and to Ananda.

  2. Thanks, Snugpug.

    Happy Mother’s Day (Belated) to you, Queeni and Rupert!

    Best wishes, Rona.


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