Peed off

30 March, 2007

As mentioned in my previous post, a female cat on heat often sprays her urine to attract males.

I’ve only had to clean up four puddles of pee so far. I only found the puddles thanks to my live urine detector, Maya the Bengal. She’s taken to sniffing round the living room where Ananda is being confined whenever we’re not around. Whenever Maya stops and starts scraping with one of her front paws, I know that that’s a pee spot. She’s better than my ultraviolet urine detector. The problem of course, is that you’ve got to be around when Maya does her detecting, otherwise she never does the same spot twice, and she only does the spots when they are fresh.

We’ve confined Ananda to the living room because on previous occasions her calling was attracting the local tom, and we didn’t want to chance any encounters. Also, she was spraying all over the house and at least in the living room the floor is wood and easier to clean than carpet.

It’s said that the tendency to spray may run in the lines, and if a mother cat sprays, then her daughter might inherit that tendency, but Ananda’s mother isn’t a sprayer.

Ah well … perhaps it’s just that Ananda is getting fed up of calling and not getting anywhere and is trying to tell us something by spraying.

It was most obvious last night that she was getting frustrated. Last night hubby fell asleep on the couch watching TV and woke up in the middle of the night to go to the loo. When he got back (he claims a minute later) he lay back down on the couch and right on a … wet patch. Yep, Ananda had peed on the couch.

(What impressed me was that hubby didn’t wake me up to clean the pee up, but did it himself. Of course I went over the spot again this morning just to make sure)

So, long-suffering hubby’s pretty peed off too. But apart from the living room we don’t have any other un-carpeted room to keep Ananda in when she’s calling. I’m not sure what other breeders do – just grit their teeth and bear it and buy shares in cat pee cleaners? I’ve heard that some confine their calling queens to spacious outdoor runs, and after this past week, I’m tempted to invest in one of them.


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