Will they … won’t they?

31 March, 2007

The house is very quiet because Ananda’s gone to the stud cat.

She was still calling today (Saturday) so I took her to the vet for her snap test, and as expected, it was negative for feline FIV/FELV.

Then I spoke to the stud cat’s owner to make arrangements to take Ananda to her on Sunday. She was at a cat show to the North of us, and very kindly offered to meet us on her way back, at a service station equidistant to the cat show and our house instead.

This would save us a long journey to her on Sunday. It would also hopefully guarantee that Ananda would be calling when she met the stud cat. I was worried that this would be a short call for her, but after last night, I think she might be good for several days yet.

So it was a whirlwind day today and I waved goodbye to Ananda and prayed for the best.

I knew she would be in good hands. The stud cat owner is very experienced, is held in high-esteem by other cat breeders and is known for her show-winning cats. It’s a huge responsibility, being a stud cat owner. First, most breeders won’t sell a stud cat to just anybody. Next, as a stud cat owner you have to make sure that your boy has enough girls to keep him happy. And of course, you’ve got to make sure that your stud cat gets plenty of love and attention if he’s kept in an outdoor pen. Finally, when you have visiting queens, it’s a responsibility in itself to make sure that the matings go well and the queens are happy.

Most studs are at “limited stud”, only to people vetted by the owner. So far I have been very lucky in that owners of some superb studs have allowed me to use their boys. Last year, Mike and Trina Biggs of Mullycoonz allowed me to use Mullycoonz Romulas, a magnificent red silver shaded boy. I hope to have more to tell you about this year’s stud in a later post.

I rang later that night and apparently upon introduction, the stud cat was keen to mate her, but she was skittish in her new surroundings and tried to get away by climbing the pen! She’s now been put in the queen’s quarters adjacent to his, he’s a real charmer, and hasn’t stopped chatting her up, fingers and paws crossed that by tomorrow morning she’ll be more settled and susceptible to his charms.


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