The stud cat – UK GRCH Kaiulani Jakatta Jackson

19 April, 2007


This is the absolutely gorgeous stud boy whom my queen, Ananda, spent five days with.

UK GRCH Kaiulani Jakatta Jackson is also known as Charlie.  His owner is Sue Deane of Zydeco Maine Coons.  Sue is a very experienced breeder who’s held in high esteem by other breeders.

Charlie is a brown tabby of very good Maine Coon type.  He’s also tested negative for the known gene for HCM.  Just as importantly, Charlie has a superb temperament.  (There are some breeders who say that kittens inherit temperament from the sire.)  Charlie is so easy to handle, every year he features at the National Cat Show held in London Olympia at one of the club tables – he must be one of the few cats who’s happy to sit on a table to meet the public, wearing only a harness to keep him secure.  Little wonder that Charlie’s looks and personality has won him to date (in GCCF) 10 CCs, 3 Reserve Grand Champion, 5 Grand ChamCharlieFace2pion and 2 UK Grand Champion Certificates.  He also has an Imperial Certificate.

Thank you, Sue, for letting my girl visit your boy!

(I’m superstitious so I won’t count the kittens before they’re born, but Sue says they mated at least four times, so watch this space!)


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