How to prevent cats from biting through electric wires

2 May, 2007

Here are some photos of cabling/wiring before and after they were tidied up:



Neat, isn’t it?

And it’s a good safety measure if you have curious cats.  All it takes is for a cat to decide it wants to sample a wire for the cat to be electrocuted.  It’s usually fatal.  I’ve heard of a kitten that did just that – bit straight through a TV cable.  The owners were distraught.

Accidents don’t just happen and it only takes minutes to make sure your cat or kitten won’t bite through wires by mistake.

(And another reason why I was so anxious to tidy up the cabling is my Bengal girl had started sampling one of the electric wires – there were actually teeth indentations on the wire which really freaked me out)

Any excess cabling can be wound round a product called cable coil.  Any remaining dangly bits can then be bunched (up to 3 wires) and wrapped up in a cable tidy (the thing that looks like spiral binding used on a document).  It looks fiddly, but it isn’t.  The first time I tried the cable tidy, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use and what amazing results I got.  And both cable coil and cable tidy don’t cost the earth if you buy them from e-bay.  Mind you, if you do source your cable tidy from e-bay, compare products – what seems cheap is probably for a shorter length.

(one caveat:  if you do unplug your ADSL connection in your bid to tidy-up the cabling, be very careful when re-connecting it.  I don’t know what I did, but I’ve managed to lose my ADSL connection and damage the router – I’m a source of amusement to my tecchie friends!  It was an old BT frog-type router which BT conveniently don’t support any more.  2 x 40 min phone calls to BT later, and the advice we got was:  “go to PC World and buy a new router”. )



  1. Thanks for the advice. My kitten just loves to go after my laptop and power surge protector cords. I had to put the power surge and laptop power pack on my table. It’s kind of awkward to say the least. Oy! I will look into the cable coil.

  2. Hi Rebecca, another thing you could do is spray the power pack etc. with a substance that tastes bitter – I think bitter apple is the name of one such product. I highly-recommend a cable tidy (the spiral binding that wraps round and contains the wires). Best wishes and good luck!

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