Music for kittens to grow by

3 June, 2007

OK, call me eccentric, but I play music to the kittens.

Research has been done on the effect of music played while human babies are still in the womb, and it’s been positive. I know that a kitten’s sense of hearing doesn’t start to really function until its second week, so any music during the first week is really for the benefit of the mother cat and myself.

Because I have to leave both mother cat and kittens alone by the third week, I feel it’s good for them to have the sound of music, with vocals, in particular, to get them used to the human voice.

So what’s in the playlist for watching kittens grow by?

Well, in the hope of evoking a calm, soothing atmosphere, I tend to veer towards the classical:

— Josh Groban’s “Closer”. His Oceano is beautifully soothing. I never thought I’d like opera until I came across Josh Groban. The previous litter of kittens had no complaints either.

— Hildegard of Bingen’s “A Feather on the Breath of God” as sung by Gothic Voices (Hyperion). Unbelievable, transcendental music. Gramophone Award Winner, Best Classic CD Top 100 CDs of all time. Yes, it’s religious, yes it’s Gregorian chant/medieval-type music, but the music soars and takes you with it, tears in your eyes. Hopefully a kitten pleaser again.

— Gregorian Chants sung by monks. Not as ethereal as the Hildegard of Bingen, but very atmospheric and calming.

And of course I’ll be handling and playing with the kittens as much as possible from day one, to get them used to human smells.



  1. Try them with Maria Callas–our cats love La Divina!

    You have a wonderful blog going here. Glad to hear your mother cat and her two are doing well.

  2. Hi Hurree,

    Thank you for reading my blog – I’m so chuffed! And thanks for leaving a comment too.

    At the moment the kittens are on Hildegard of Bingen which is lovely and soothing. However, I’m watching re-runs of the Six Million Dollar Man in the bedroom, so I’m not sure what effects the sound effects will have on growing kittens. They do seem to be a contented twosome, so far.

    Thanks for the tip on Maria Callas – she was a supreme performer, I saw some black-and-white excerpts of her performing. Are there any particular recordings you would recommend?

    I am really more of a light opera person … .

    Thank you for your good wishes,

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