Kittens are here

17 June, 2007

AnandaKittens2 The kittens were born on Wednesday, 6 June 2007, a day later than expected.

There were two kittens, born approximately 50 minutes apart. They were much larger than kittens from Ananda’s previous litter, so I guess that’s why they took so long to pop out. Ananda was an excellent mother, and knew exactly what to do. This time I didn’t have to break the placenta or the umbilical cords for her. She did it all herself, chewed through the cords and ate the placenta.

After another hour, no other kittens appeared and she appeared happy to just lie there and suckle so I assumed that there were just two kittens for this litter. The two kittens were fat and glossy and suckling strongly.

Later I called the vet because suddenly I wasn’t sure that maybe it was just two kittens. Ananda still looked plump around her middle. But she wasn’t straining or anything. The vet turned up in the evening and palpated her. He thought he felt another kitten. He suggested either an injection of oxytocin to strenghten the contractions or to wait. I opted to wait.

Nothing much happened that night, and I gave Ananda some homeopathic caullophyllum. The next morning she started crying out again, and gave birth to a third kitten. It was much larger than the other two kittens. It was perfectly-formed, but unfortunately, was dead. Because it was so large, it had probably been stuck in the birth canal.  I tried to revive it by massaging it and trying to give it Carbo Veg, but it didn’t work.  So I ran to the vet’s which is 5 minutes away and they tried to, with Dopram-V under its tongue and chest massage.  Unfortunately nothing worked.

I had the vet visit again, and this time I opted for oxytocin to clear out the uterus.

At the time of writing, mum and kittens are doing well, and fingers and paws crossed, will continue to do well. Please keep checking my flickr album for new photos.


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  1. You should stop this breeding thing, poor little baby .!! How many more you are going to make her suffer.Stop now ..!!!

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