Naming kittens

26 June, 2007

Before the kittens get their posh pedigree names, we always give them nicknames. 

The first ever litter of kittens we had we named after bears:  Panda [Pandora] … Honey … Yogi … Teddy … Bear.

In the second litter, one of the kittens ended up being called Squeaky because she was the loudest and most vociferous – I was hand-feeding her some of the time and she would always greet my arrival with the bottle with joyous squeaks.

Some breeders name each successive litter using a letter of the alphabet, so they can tell immediately from the name which number litter the kitten was from.  I’m afraid I’m not that organised, and rely on inspiration instead.

This litter are butterfat plump and so adorable they’re edible.  We’ve nick-named them Roly and Poly.  Roly’s the tabby-boy and Poly the girl.


6 July update:  Poly just didn’t do for the little girl.  She’s jet black, with just a flash of white on her chest and her belly.  An intense black.  I think she’ll be a pretty one with a special quality.  So I’ve started calling her Jolie, and sometimes Tres Jolie, and she seems to like it.


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