Kittens – Litter Training 7 – the Big Move downstairs

11 July, 2007

(a continuation of the Litter Training saga with the new 2007 Litter!) 

OK – so I’d been delaying moving the kittens, Roly and Jolie/Poly downstairs into the kitten pen in the living room  Fact is, I was enjoying having them upstairs in the bedroom.  Even though they were 4-plus weeks old, far older than the previous litter last year had been when I moved them downstairs to the living room.

Why the living room?  Well, the living room has hard wooden floor boards which makes litter training easier – it’s easier to clean wooden floors than carpet (bedroom).

What gave me the impetus to move Roly and Poly down is that one of them left a wet patch on the bed.  It wasn’t the kitten’s fault really.  I think Teddy had been on botty-duty and he just couldn’t suction it up fast enough.

Anyway, my leg encountered the wet patch, and the washing machine was doing non-stop duty on Monday:  one double throw, one single blanket, one duvet cover.  It couldn’t cope with the two double duvets though – my dry-cleaning bill is going to be bad this week.

So down they went on Monday, and it must have been like landing on a different planet.  The kittens were severely disoriented and huddled in their cardboard box in the Kalven kitten pen I had.

As for the litter training – I had such high hopes, but as you’ll see from later posts I still haven’t mastered it.


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