Kittens – Litter training (not) 8

11 July, 2007

(a continuation of the Litter Training saga with the new 2007 Litter!)  

I’d taken Monday and Tuesday off work to be with the kittens after I’d moved them downstairs.

I have to admit, that because there are only two kittens I’ve been able to spend more time with them.  Consequently, Poly the little girl would lie trustingly on the sofa beside me and fall asleep.  And Roly would run to me when I called him by his name.

Anyway, I had these high hopes of litter training them in two days.

Hollow laugh.

Firstly, even though they had started on solids, their bowels weren’t moving as fast as I thought they would.  I found a few stains on some towelling I used as their bedding, but that’s it.

Today I got home from work, and they’d done it on bedding.  I soaked up as much as I could with paper towels and placed the paper towels in litter trays which I had scattered all over the living room.

Then I heard the little boy kitten crying, and I didn’t move fast enough.  He peed in a corner of the living room.  So I mopped that up too and put it in the litter trays.

I’m not sure where this is getting me.  Maybe I’m a cautionary tale to all you people out there with kittens to litter-train.  Maybe I’m a source of jokes and humour amongst you people whose kittens take to their litter trays without any problem.

I’m sure they’ll be litter-trained sooner or later.  I wish it were sooner though.


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