Raw feeding for Kittens (again)

11 July, 2007

Well, after last year’s success I was shining my fingernails on my shirt, thinking I’d had the weaning problem solved.  Of course Hubris meant that I would be writing this, humbled and confused.

I’d taken Monday off work to prepare raw mince for the kittens.

I made two batches of raw mince – one was lamb and the other was chicken.

Last year, the litter of seven had taken to the mince chicken like it was mother’s milk.

Anyway, the chicken recipe was close to the one set out in Michelle Bernard’s Blakkatz.com site.  And the lamb one was a variant, using lamb chunks which I minced together with a lamb heart and lamb kidneys.   The chicken was free-range, from Springfield Farm in Hertfordshire, bought from my favourite poulterers in Borough Market [I did say my cats get the best].  They’re my favourite because I get extra giblets, and they save rabbit heads for me.

I put a plate of freshly-prepared chicken mince down, and to my surprise (but actually, not really), both kittens tucked in.  It was that natural.  The boy actually took to it more readily than the girl, not sure why.  The girl took a few licks, then backed away, as though it was something she wasn’t quite sure of.

The second day I put some lamb mince down.  They weren’t having any of it.

So I put some more chicken mince down.  But it had been frozen, and they didn’t touch it.

Today I chopped some lamb into leetle chunks and put it down.  They whalloped it.

So I’m confused now.  Chicken mince yes, then no.  Lamb mince no.  What was putting them off the lamb mince?  Was it the supplements I’d added?  I’d added the same to the chicken mince.  Was it because it wasn’t fresh but frozen? (lord, please, not gourmet kittens).

I have one more weapon in my armoury. Minced wild rabbit.  Woldsway rabbit are now selling pet mince made with wild rabbit.  Last year I got some from one of my sister-in-law’s who together with her husband was farming a small-holding in Norfolk which was overrun by rabbits.  The kittens loved the wild rabbit, and so did Teddy.

So I was glad that Woldsway have started offering a wild rabbit alternative.  Wild rabbit is just that more richer in taste and colour than farmed rabbit.

I’m hoping it will reach the bits of the kittens that domestic chicken and lamb can’t.

More soon.


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