Litter training 10 – So … where’s the poo?

16 July, 2007

(a continuation of the Litter Training saga with the new 2007 Litter!) 

I caught both Roly and Poly using the litter tray to pee in.  Which is great news, if you’ve been following the saga of my attempts at litter-training.

The only question is … where’s the kitten poo?

The kittens have been eating solid food for the past week, but so far, I’ve not found any solid evidence in the litter trays.

Every day I check behind the sofas, under bookshelves etc., but so far nothing.

Until this morning. 

Roly climbed into a litter tray and emitted a long shriek.  Then he got out and started dragging his bottom on the floor.  I checked the tray and finally – a sign that things were moving along.

However, some poo had stuck to his furry bottom and his method of cleaning himself was to sit down on the floor and drag himself along.

I put him in front of mum cat, but she just turned away with a look of “urggh … you don’t expect me to deal with that, do you?”

So, it was up to me to clean him up, and it’s not something I’m going to write about.  Not only was there this morning’s offering, but also some old stuff that had dried up on his pantaloons.  If this keeps happening I might just trim the fur on his bum.

I’m not sure why the poo stuck to him – it did look a bit runny at the end, so maybe it’s the diet (more in later posts).


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