Kittens – Litter training 11 – litter trays

22 July, 2007

If you’ve read my previous post written last year, with its photo of litter trays, you’ll have guessed that I have loads of litter trays.

I collect litter trays.  I think that’s because I’m hoping that somewhere there’s the perfect litter tray that kittens will take to immediately, i.e. litter trays = wishful thinking.


Here is a photo with a cross-section representation of my current collection.

The latest addition is a corner litter tray (the one in the middle of the photo).  I saw this on the web-site of a breeder who had the kittens in a pen, and the tray in a corner.  Just one tray – imagine it!  And everything looked spotless in her kitten pen, so it was obvious that it was the tray that was responsible for these perfectly-litter-trained kittens.  So of course I had to have one too.

I like the idea of a litter tray that will cope with those awkward corners.  This corner litter tray is large enough for a medium-sized Maine Coon to plonk her rear end inside without any spillage.  I haven’t used it yet because the entrance is a little high for a kitten in a hurry.

It’s a covered tray which I find extremely useful because Ananda digs for Britain in her litter tray and tends to flick litter all over the place.  A covered litter tray also tends to bring out the tap dancer in Ananda – you know she’s using the litter tray by the shuffle-shuffle as she digs, and then a kind of tap-tap morse code as she scrapes the sides of the tray.

The litter tray of the week is the one on the back row, extreme right.  It’s grey in colour and is a good size, with high sides and a little cut-out in front that is low enough for kittens to crawl in.  It’s large enough for a medium-sized Maine Coon mother cat who persists in using the kitten litter trays to demonstrate how to use them.

I am using Yesterday’s News cat litter in most of them.  It’s cheap enough so that I can dump the contents once or twice a day and not hear my wallet screaming in pain.  I also put in a sheet or two of kitchen towel because I found that with Yesterday’s News, the pellets didn’t always absorb the urine fast enough, and when the kittens scrabbled around, they got wet paws, and when they jumped out of the litter tray, they took their wet paws with them.  The kitchen towels help to provide a layer of protection.

The covered tray on the extreme left is filled with World’s Best Cat Litter.  It’s a corn-based litter, and so harmless if the kittens try to eat it.  I don’t use those clear plastic flap doors that come with covered trays – they’re supposed to trap smells, but I don’t think cats appreciate being trapped in  tray with smells.

I got the corner covered litter tray from Zooplus, an on-line retailer of pet supplies.  The rest I purchased from Purrsonal Touch at various cat shows.


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