Kittens – raw feeding – importance of fibre

22 July, 2007

This follows on from my post on the kitten with the sticky bum.

Turns out the pumpkin did the trick and Roly produced a beautiful one.  It was firm, solid and everything that sites on raw feeding claim raw-fed cat poo should be.

Unfortunately, he did it on the front door mat.  But hey, at least he didn’t wipe his bum clean on the carpet.

The thing is, I almost didn’t find it either because it was relatively smell-less.  A lack of smell is not something you normally associate cat poo with, but it’s true with raw fed cats/kittens.  It’s something that was mentioned in the Winn Feline Foundation Report on diet and cats too.

Fibre is something that raw feeders may or may not have to add to the raw food.  It helps to ease the passage of food along the bowels.  Some cats don’t need additional fibre.  Some do.  It all depends on the cat.

If you think about one of the natural food sources of a cat in the wild, it’s a mouse, which would have a stomach full of digested grain (or  bird, with its fibrous feathers).  That would be a source of fibre for the cat.  How to duplicate this source of fibre for our domesticated cats?

I used pumpkin in this instance with Roly.  Some experts advocate adding psyllium husk instead, but some (e.g. rawpaws) don’t.  It’s something you’ll want to investigate and try out for yourself.



  1. You know you’re a cat breeder/furkid parent when you can discuss the nature of their output. In our case, at the dinner table, some times.

  2. Yeah … and then wax lyrical in a blog entry about it! I guess it’s no different from a group of human mothers all vying to compare notes about the bowel habits of their babies.

    (folks – I’m not weird. Just eccentric!)

    Best wishes,
    The Cats’s Whiskers

  3. What, you mean human mothers do that? Shocking! What weird behaviour! LOL

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