How to photograph cats (the amateur way)

24 July, 2007

— Round up kittens and place on table.  Crouch to take photo at their level.  Forget to use tickle toy.  Kittens more interested in running away.  Special effect achieved:  headless kitten.

— Round up kittens and place on kitten pen.  Surface is pink towel, not complementary to coat colour.  What the heck.  Wave tickle toy in one hand while trying to take photo with the other.  Kittens attack tickle toy and camera wavers.  Result:  special effect of blurry kitten.

— Round up kittens again.  Try to get close, closer and even closer.  Kittens take dislike to camera lens being stuck in their face but strike beautiful pose.  Click on shutter release but too slow and get beautiful shot of back of kitten.


— Round up kittens again.  By now kittens are exhausted with playng with tickler toy and flop down and fall asleep.  I need a new camera.


The best photos I ever took were either spontaneous, or by chance, managed to click on that lucky moment.  Here are two of them:


This first one was taken with the help of my cat wrangler and also my hubby, much screaming of “now now – hold it up now” and cursing as the shutter release went its own slow way and the battery refused to refresh.


This second one was taken in the garden just as Teddy lifted his head up.  Good thing he held the position for a few seconds in time for the shutter release to catch up.


One comment

  1. I love tht pic of 2 cats .. must be very difficult to shoot .

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