Worming (again)

6 August, 2007

Just a short update:  I took the plunge and wormed the kittens.

 I ended up using Panacur because my vet was adamant that it had the gentlest effect on the digestive system of kittens.

I did have a discussion about using tablets, but he wasn’t convinced that they were easily digested.  I asked about wormers you could add to food, but with this method there is no guarantee that each kitten will get the dose they require.  (I’d been warned off a wormer starting with “M” because of rumours of a kitten allegedly suffering an intussusception after taking this wormer).

It did have to be done 3-days’ consecutively.  Because I used a 10% suspension, the dose was 0.7ml per kitten, once a day. 

It wasn’t as messy as the previous time.  There was a bit of foaming at the mouth, but on the whole most of it went down the kittens.

One tip that was given to me by an experienced breeder is to put a teat on the syringe so that you can reach further back in the mouth so the kitten will swallow the liquid more easily.


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