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13 August, 2007

Well, it’s happened again, Murphy’s Law of Multiples.  You bulk-buy something the cats like and then they decide something else suits them better.

 In this case, it’s cat litter.

World’s Best Cat LitterCatsan

I’d rWorld’s Best Cat LitterWorld’s Best Cat Litterun out of the staple, World’s Best Cat Litter and placed an order with my usually- reliable supplier on a Thursday only to be informed the the litter wouldn’t be delivered until the following Monday.

 I was tempted to wait until then, but I usually wash, bleach and totally change at least one of the trays weekly and hadn’t been able to do it for the past week.  What made it imperative to have a dump and total replacement of the litter was the Bengal – she walked into one of the trays and straight out again, holding her breath.

So it was off to the supermarket for a temporary stop gap and I bought 3 bags of Catsan clumping.

I don’t usually use clay-based litter having read loads of warnings about how it clings to cat’s fur and when they lick themselves, it clumps in their intestines and clogs up their insides.  So I decided to use it only in the adult trays.

Of course, what happens next is that the kittens stumble on the adult trays in their explorations of the house, and suddenly I hear this scrape-scrape and when I next clean the litter tray, it’s obvious from the size of the deposits that the kittens have used the tray filled with Catsan.

The following week, voila, 4 bags of World’s Best arrive but on Thursday, not Monday.  In the meanwhile even though they have 6 six litter trays in the living room to choose from, the kittens have chosen to hold their bladders and bowels until given access to the Catsan-filled tray.  (ooh, don’t you love the way cats love to keep you in a state of uncertainty?)

So, do I continue with WBCL?  Or should I switch to Catsan clumping?  With the latter I could afford to change ALL the trays every week, and still have change left over for a set meal at the local Japanese. 

 So far the odour control of Catsan has been passable, but then, the kittens are fed raw, so the poo doesn’t have that fermented commercial food pong that lingers.  Catsan is heavier than WBCL though, because it’s clay-based, not corn-based. 

It’s serious business, this thing about cat litter, amongst breeders.  We are conscious of the fact that we have to have whiter-than-white standards of hygiene when breeding, and all dream of the perfect cat litter that is 100% harmless and 100% cheap.

A study was done on the effectiveness of cat litter in providing a medium of growth for coronavirus (see my post on FIP) and apparently the cat litters that were most hostile to the coronavirus were Everclean (clay-based), a brand from Costco (clay-based) and Tesco (yep, clay-based).  And the problem with clay-based (or fuller’s earth litters) is that they’re quite heavy too and if you’re into saving the earth, you can’t just flush it down the loo like you can with World’s Best.  [Addendum 14/08/07:  aha – I’ve found the study – it’s on Dr Addie’s web-site.  I did google the site last night, but it wasn’t up-and-running.  Here is the link for the Cat Litter League table – you need to scroll down the page a bit.  Also please note:  Tesco’s Value litter scored high on the scale, but I’ve heard that it allegedly doesn’t control odour that well, and sticks to the tray etc.].

It’s a toss-up between what won’t hurt the cat’s insides and is easy to clean, and economical to use (especially in the lavish quantities that breeders have to use).

In the meantime, buy shares in World’s Best.


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