Happy Birthday, Hudson!

4 September, 2007


 Catswhiskers Hudson celebrating his 1st Birthday!!!

This is Hudson, who was born in 2006 to my girl Ananda (Mullycoonz Eowyn) and Mullycoonz Romulas.

Hudson turned one-year-old recently – how time flies!  I still remember him as a small bundle of cream fur zooming round the living room.

I remember how he picked his owners out when they came to visit.  He chose well – as you can see, he’s very much a part of their family and is living in the lap of luxury.

According to his owners (the Sharps), Hudson only drinks water from the tap, loves being brushed and to show how happy he is to be with them, he frequently brings back “gifts” from his hunting.  Clever boy!

And here’s Hudson after his birthday party – “ah … it’s a cat’s life”, that blissful expression says it all!


Many thanks to the Sharps and Hudson for permission to use these great photos.



  1. LOL
    I recognise that familiar Maine Coon expression..you know the one

    ..”its my world and you just live in it…now go get me some food slave ” …

    LOL 😉

    • Yes, also: “I’m so beautiful … how can you resist my beauty, slave?”

      Thanks for sharing!

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