2007 Kitten Packs

6 September, 2007

 Kitten packs are what most cat breeders give to new kitten owners when they collect their kittens.

Yep … my little kittens are leaving home tomorrow … more in a later post.

Kitten packs usually contain:

– a Kitten Guide written by the breeder and covering items such as the food the kitten is used to eating, the type of litter they are used to using, how to help the kitten settle in etc.

– the kitten’s pedigree

– the pink slip (as the registration slip is known by breeders who register with GCCF.  I register my kittens with TICA, and as is commonly the practice amongst breeders nowadays, the registration slip is sent to new owners on proof of neutering)

– the kitten’s vaccination certificate

– Six week’s free insurance from Pet Plan (the market leaders in pet insurance)

– a toy

I give a small bag of World’s Best Cat Litter as well.  As I’m a member of the Breeder Scheme with MPM Pet Products (and I buy an awful lot of WBCL from MPM) I’m entitled to free 3kg starter packs of World’s Best, plus some tins of Applaws cat food, all packaged in a nifty box.  This year the delivery is late, and I’m hoping it will arrive tomorrow.  If it doesn’t I’ll just have to give the kittens some WBCL from my own stash.

This year, I’m also including two weeks’ worth of raw food.  I’m thrilled – the kittens’ new owners have agreed to try raw-feeding.  I told them that it was worth a trial, apart from the obvious health-benefits, to see how relatively “odourless” raw-fed kitten poo is.  Once you start feeding commercial, the poo smells like fermented canned food.  So I’ve been up-to-my-arms in chicken and rabbit mince.

As for cat toys, last year’s litter went away with a Da Bird. A Da Bird consists of a 36″ fiberglass rod, 50 lb. test braided nylon string and aerodynamically configured feathers on a swivel that mimics the action of a REAL bird in flight. All cats find it irresistible. (Buy Da Birds from Purrs in Our Hearts, an online shop with profits going to UK cat rescue).

This year, the kittens are going to have fun with a Cat Catcher.  Made by Go Cat, the same company that makes the Da Bird, the Cat Catcher has a small furry mouse attached to a wire on a wand. The mouse is small and bristly, and has just the right size and feel for a cat to pick up and hold in its mouth. The wire has the perfect tension to agitate the mouse as though it’s scurrying away. It has been a real winner with my Maine Coons. (Buy Cat Catchers from Solomio Pet Products)

And of course, the kittens go away with a hug and a kiss and a promise that they will always have a special place in our hearts.



  1. Could you tell me how o get some kikken packs pls thanks lisa

  2. good info tnx for posting

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