The last day …

6 September, 2007


I’m writing this in the small home office, and the kittens are arranged around me, on the carpet, asleep.  They follow me wherever I go.

This morning, hubby described how they ran round the living room doing a wall-of-death, then stopped at the arm of the couch, and looked him in the face, as if to say: hope that’s all right by you?

The little girl has curled up on hubby’s lap and made eyes at him.  Disconcerted, he asked me what it meant when a little kitten stares into your eyes for a whole five minutes. [of course I didn’t question his sanity in staring into a kitten’s eyes for five minutes]

Mum cat, Ananda, is going to miss them.  I’ve been telling her, for the past week that they’re going to a loving home.  But she’s still suckling them and loving it.


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