New Cat Scratching Post from Cat-Palace

22 September, 2007

Kittens on Cat Scratching PostKittens on Cat Scratching PostAbout this time last year, I wrote about a company in the Netherlands, Cat-Palace, that makes the ultimate in cat scratching posts.

I drooled about owning one of their cat scratching posts, imagining the happy looks on my cats’ faces as they saw their new toy – a cat scratching post that was made from natural logs.

Finally, after a year, I succumbed.

The deciding factor was when Teddy threw himself onto the old scratching post (bought off e-bay) and it collapsed under 14 pounds of Maine Coon.  Teddy squealed with fright and ran away.  He never went near that old scratching post again.

cat-post So it was as good an excuse as any:  I needed/the cats needed a scratching post that was sturdy enough for an atheletic Maine Coon.

After many months pouring over the web-site, countless e-mails to Cat-Palace, trying to make my money stretch as far as possible, I made my choice.

So on the right is a photo of the cat scratching post.

It’s a model F2.XAS.  It’s got three tiers.  And what makes it special is the top tier is a pagoda with a curved roof so that cats can sleep on each side of the roof.  Having a pagoda means that more than one cat can play at top cat by getting the highest perch – it’s good cat psychology.

There were so many options and considerations:  should I get the extra-strong Berber carpet (geared towards Maine Coon heavy usage)?  Should I get the model with the round basket at the top?  Was it too large?  Was it too small?  Was there enough room for it?  What colour carpet? Should I get the optional sisal post?

And finally:  was it worth the small fortune I was paying for it?

The answer is:  yes.   You’ve got to think of it as a handmade, customised piece of furniture – that’s what you’re paying for.  The workmanship is fantastic.  The carpet covering is proper thick carpet, not the thin sort normally used on cat scratchers.  It’s made with natural wood and artificial ficus leaves so that it is aesthetically pleasing.  It’s more sturdy that any other type of cat scratching post I’ve seen.  So sturdy that in fact according to Cat-Palace, customers in California who’ve got one of their cat scratching posts have reported that during earth tremors their cats all rushed onto the posts and sat out the quakes on them.kittens-on-post

The day it arrived I felt like those women who go shopping and have to stash their bags away from their husbands.  But of course, the post was too large to hide, and hubby knew it was coming anyway.

The kittens and cats took to it straight away.  They shimmied up the post without having to be told what it was.  Teddy scrambled to the top and dangled precariously, but the scratching post barely moved (it weighs about 50kg and is beautifully balanced.

My only regret is that I didn’t get the model with a round cat bed on it because my cats like curling up in balls.


Several months on, and the kittens have left for their new homes.  Strangely enough, the cats have stopped using the cat scratching post.  I’ve moved it to a new location in the hope of tempting them to use it.  Maybe it just means that it doesn’t matter how much you spend on a cat scratching post – you can lead a cat to the cat scratcher, but you can’t make it use it!



  1. hi there,just came across this site as im looking for another scratching activity centre, and this one above looks fantastic where can I get one, please point me in the right direction.

    Kind Regards

    • Hi there, Jade,

      Do you live in the US or Europe?

      The cat scratching post is from The Netherlands (i.e. Holland, Europe) – if you live in the US it may be cheaper in terms of shipping, to get one from the US.

      I do know that the Netherlands manufacturer will ship to the US – Walter has customers in the US and claims that they are very satisfied customers (he told me that he had a customer in California – there was an earthquake or something and all the cats promptly climbed onto the tree!).

      Here is the link to the Netherlands manufacturer – Cat Palace


      Good luck!

      Best wishes,

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