Cat Comfort

15 November, 2007

My mother cat, Ananda, is such a gentle and nurturing cat.  I know there is a tendency amongst cat lovers to humanise their cats, and to project onto them characteristics they think they should have, but I do believe that Ananda can sense when I’m unwell and offer me comfort.

Several weeks back I had a bad tummy ache, and was lying in bed in a cold sweat.  Ananda got onto my stomach and lay on me for a few moments.  I don’t know what she thought she was doing, and I can’t say having a 10-lb cat on my stomach was the most comfortable thing, but she had never done anything like that before.  There was no miraculous cure but I felt I wasn’t alone in my suffering.

This week, I was lying in bed, off work with a bad cold.  After I’d had a bad coughing fit, Ananda climbed onto my chest and shaped herself into a warm ball.  I could feel her soft purr reverberate through me.  Then she got off, and lay between my right arm and body, with her head right up against my cheek.  I could feel her whiskers quivering, and her little heart beating.  It was a very tender moment.

I have friends who tell me that when they’re ill, their cats lie against their backs, giving them firm support.  It always amazes and touches me when we manage to reach out to our furry companions, and they, in turn acknowledge the bond between us.

Please feel free to share any of your experiences of cat (or dog) comfort.



  1. What a sweetie Ananda is. What about the other two, do they do this too or is it just Ananda being the mother and more sensitive?

  2. Maybe it’s because they realise that the resonance of their purring is healing?

  3. Hi Cesca,

    Hmm … never thought of that. Her purring isn’t very loud though. Maya’s on the other hand, is like a little motorcycle.

    Best wishes,

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