Loki and Elli in their new homes

22 November, 2007

lokiathome1a elliathome1a

(Catswhiskers Loki and Elli in their new home)

One of the best moments I have as a cat breeder is when I’m invited to visit my kittens in their new homes.

I’m grateful because it’s a chance for me to see how the kittens are growing. And it’s an honour to be invited into the homes of the proud owners.

Last year, I was invited twice to see Hudson, a cream kitten out of Ananda and Mullycoonz Romulas. An only cat, his owners dote on him. His tricks include drinking from the tap (when he’s thirsty he goes up to the kitchen tap and mews and his owners know what he means).

I also visited Remus (cream) and Sylvia (mackerel tortie tabby) whose owner let them have bed rights, and once told me how he didn’t dare move in the bed because Remus had his head on his shoulder!

This year, my kittens, Loki and Elli, went to a lovely couple who live in London. The wife had helped out in rescue, and also cat-sat for neighbours. (Needless to say, she was every cat breeder’s idea of a dream owner.)

I was invited to visit recently. The photos speak for themselves.

Loki and Elli had grown and were the picture of health. Elli was really coming into her own, her black coat had a fantastic sheen that shimmered when she moved. Loki’s colouring had become richer, if that’s possible, and the black stripe down his back seemed to have got broader.

I was impressed – they had everything cats would need plus more.

They had a room to themselves, plus a dedicated bathroom, immaculately kept. Their personalities were developing too. According to their owners, Loki was the bolder, and more impetuous of the two, and Elli was more cautious. When strangers came, she would observe them before approaching. Loki was greedier, he would scoff his food, and before he finished would move onto his sister’s. Depending on how hungry she was, she would either let him eat her share, or would bat him away. They loved water too: apparently the owner had had to bathed Loki because his pantaloons got messy, so they got used to water. But they prefer the shower to the bath, and there would sometimes be a queue while the owners had their morning showers!

I have been truly blessed with loving owners for my kittens. Have you ever played that game where you wished that in your next life you could come back as someone famous/richer/more beautiful etc.? Well, tell you what, in my next life I want to come back as these owners’ kittens!



  1. You sound like a great, caring breeder. When I got my cat, the conditions were less than nice.

  2. Dear CatPuppy,

    Many thanks for reading my blog and your kind comments. I do try to give my kittens an environment where they will grow up feeling secure and confident and loved so that when they go to their new homes they settle in well.

    I am sure that your cat was so happy that you chose her and glad that she’s part of your loving home.

    Best wishes to you both.

  3. my cat is up anywhere between 1:30-4am 100 mph up and down the halls, in and out of the window sill, on and off the bed biting my toes, making crazy sounds, has the nerve to look @ me like Im crazy, and then, he goes under my bed and goes to sleep. I love my Maine Coon!

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