Cruel cat video

5 December, 2007

I came across a video clip today that made me angry.

The video clip was on the metro.co.uk site – it’s a new service where readers can upload video clips and get paid when viewers download them.

The clip showed a cat on a table watching a ceiling fan revolve above it.  After a few seconds, the cat leapt and somehow one of its claws caught on one of the fan’s blades.  The cat was whirled round by the fan until it was thrown forcibly off into the corner.  There was laughter after this happened.

I was horrified.  I wrote to the moderators of the site and said that it was offensive, could encourage people to try the same with their cats and in short was cruel to the cat in the clip.

The moderators replied and refused to remove the clip on the basis of my complaint.

So I wrote back and said that I would report them to the RSPCA and Celia Hammond.

Finally got a reply back – they would remove the clip.

Was I overreacting?  I think not.  It’s not just the clip in question, but the idiots out there who would find something like this funny and subject a cat to the same.  There must be loads of video clips out there with similar scenarios.  Please don’t hesitate – report them to the moderator and get them removed from the site.  If the moderators refuse to do so, report them to the RSPCA.  You could be saving the life of a loving cat or dog.



  1. There are a lot of worse video clips out there. In the YouTube age it’s not possible to get rid of all of them, or prevent them from being uploaded, unless you hire workers to censor the millions of clips being uploaded everyday. It’s up to us end users to tell which clips are worth watching, and thus consign the lousy ones into Google oblivion.

  2. Hi! I got tagged and am passing it on to you. Please see http://snugpug.blogspot.com/2007/12/i-got-tagged.html for the details.

  3. If I’m not mistaken, this video is part of a tv ad. So it isn’t exactly real, it’s made up.

  4. Hi Yee Hung, thanks for your comment. I think what upset me was that the moderators didn’t seem to think it might encourage irresponsible behaviour. It wasn’t until I said I would report them to the RSPCA that they took action. Looks as though a lot of people have been desensitised to what is or isn’t cruel to animals.

  5. Hi Moi, thanks for posting. There was no indication it formed part of a TV ad. Even if it wasn’t real, it was irresponsible. There are people out there who would think it funny and try to see if they can do the same to their pets. People get desensitised to what is and isn’t OK to do to animals. Animals can’t complain, they can’t speak or shout words. They can only meow or bark to show distress. Maybe I have no sense of humour anymore, but I didn’t find the ad funny.

  6. Very Nice post


  7. Hi Rona,
    Good for you for saying something! That video’s been around for years so when I noticed it on Youtube recently I didn’t complain about it, although it made me angry too. Unfortunately there are at least 10 instances of it on Youtube and it gets 5-star ratings – sad, isn’t it? Some of these morons must own cats themselves…grr.
    A lesson against complacency.

  8. Hi Sonya, I sent an e-mail to you directly last night, and then guess what – my laptop which is 10 years old chose to expire this morning. So if you’ve sent me a reply and not got one from me, I’m hoping you’ll check this post – please would you e-mail me again because I’ve lost your e-mail address which was on the laptop! (I’ve got a PC up and running now which should receive the e-mails). Best wishes, Rona

  9. Even if the clip was made up it is irresonsible and anything that promotes cruelty to animals should not be publicly broadcast.

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